AKL, Port Orleans RS, or Y&B/Boardwalk


My kids (15,13,12) and I are traveling in February. During this time, most of the parks close earlier than we are usually ready to call it a day (Who needs sleep at Disney :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

So my question is, of these resorts, AKL, POR, BW, or Y&BC, where would you stay?

The only one we’ve not stayed at is AKL. From what I’ve read it will be pretty quiet there at night? Will the allure of the animals wear off after a couple days? We LOVE the convenience of walking to Epcot and HS from those deluxe resorts and know that there will be activity and ice cream (hello ample hills) there after the parks close, but then PO will have Ye Haa Bob the piano man for night time entertainment!!

I’m seriously at a loss!! I’m trying to sneakily involve the kids input, but it’s going to be surprise. (Their Dad is deployed :confused:)



I would choose AKL since you have not stayed there yet. We love the Epcot resorts and missed them only slightly when we stayed at AKL for 7 nights over spring break this year. AKL was just amazing for us, we booked standard but had great views of animals from our room. I loved seeing the animals outside our room every night, 2 giraffes were always there as well as many other animals. I hated to leave after 7 nights! My kids are 14 and 16 and they too loved everything about it.


AKL also has great dining options! Sanaa, Jiko, Boma. If you don’t mind eating late, those would be a great way to spend an evening IMO :slight_smile: We loved AKL!


I have stayed at and love all your choices. I do think POR might feel a bit tight with 3 teens. We have stayed at AKL more than any other resort. It’s fabulous!! Awesome dining options. I find AKL relaxing. I must admit though that the boardwalk area has a lot more going on at night.


I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them but I have to say: you can expect those hours to be extended.


We’ve stayed at AKL twice now and they have night time safari watch with night vision goggles, smore making etc. So there are some late night activities going on. I think its a beautiful resort and I’m very fond of animals and raised orphaned chimps in w.africa so maybe that is why it appeals to me so much, but we can’t get enough of it.

You of course know your kids the best and if they have the personalities of wanting to be entertained all the time, I think boardwalk would fulfill that.


Do you know when they usually announce that? I’ve been obsessed with the crowd tracker and crossing my fingers it doesn’t change!


They update them the middle of the month before your trip. You can look at the same dates last year to get an idea of what the hours will actually be.


I booked the HEA after party today for my February trip. HEA is scheduled at closing. I don’t think they have the dessert party a half hour after closing?


AKL is my favorite and I never get tired of the animals. WL has been on my list for years, and I’ll be staying there for the first time next trip. The BW area would definitely have the most interesting after hours activities.


If you’re out at the parks all day it will be dark when you get back to your resort and you’ll only be able to see the animals with night goggles. I’m sure your kids will love AKL but I think there will be more going on around the Broadwalk at night. Maybe save AKL for when you are there over the spring/summer


It is very low light but one of my favorite memories is a trip I took with my son’s ex girlfriend and her two year old. He woke up in the middle of the night. Instantly, he saw the giraffes outside on the savanah. It was a magical moment.


A lot of truth to this. I would only get a savanna room at AKL if I had some planned “resort” days. Even on “park” days, it’s still pretty cool to have a cup of coffee and watch the animals. The only problem is you sometimes have a hard time leaving the room to get to RD…


Thanks everyone! I sneakily brought it up to the kids, and it was an overwhelming majority for AKL. Now, I just need to see if they are going to offer the Military Salute for 2019. That will play a big part in which room type we can get.


If you need some standard view suggestions that have partial savanah views let me know.


They’ve done the military salute at least since 1990; I can’t imagine they would suddenly stop.


I hope so. We were a Disney family before they offered it, and it has made me love them so much more.


Military Discounts were released today and I was able to get a standard view room!! YAY!! There is a potential to upgrade savannah view, but it is a BIG difference in price. Anyone have experience with Standard View rooms?


I could use those suggestions! I’m hoping to book two standard view studios at Kidani soon.


That would be amazing! If they are bunkbed rooms that would be a bonus. I was able to put in a request for that, but there are no guarantees. Unfortunately, bunkbed availability will trump view with two teenage boys (LOL)