AKL pool dining?

Hello AKL aficionados! Just here (over)preparing for our first stay at AKL after Thanksgiving. Only have 5 months so it’s crunch time… :joy:

On arrival day plane lands at 1pm, looking to just swim/explore resort and then go to DS for dinner at RR and maybe meet Santa. Thinking we (read: DH) will need food as soon as we get to hotel. We usually do Geyser right at arrival when at WL but breaking out of our zone to see AKL! Does the pool bar by the main pool at Jambo House serve food? All I can find on the menu is drinks. I see that the pool bar at Kidani has food but not sure we want to go that far in swimsuits. Or would we have to MO at Mara for food? Or do they have runners like at GP to bring you food by the pool? Not sure why I’m fixated with eating at table by/near the pool but I have a feeling we won’t like the food court type feeling of eating at Mara (if it’s like Roaring Fork for example) plus I will need a beer and want to get vacay started.

Planning on Sanaa for dinner another night and don’t want an ADR we might miss for lunch. Sorry not sorry for rambling. Suggestions appreciated!

I think so but you’re also right at the Mara so you can eat there too. Like right there right there.


:+1: so I could get fam set up and then MO and go get food when ready and it’s a short walk? I’ve watched so many vloggers reviews getting excited but no one is specifically doing the distance from Mara to pool :sweat_smile:

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Yeah the pool bar inside the railing of the pool area has minimal food, but the Mara is literally on the other side of the sideway from the pool gate and they have spectacular food. Their flatbread was the best of many trips


Awesome! Looking forward mixing up food choices a little

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Yup. The Mara kind of opens up into the pool area. You have to go through the gate to get into the actual pool area like @LTinNC82 said, but it’s crazy close. I think it’s the closest QS to pool that I’ve experienced.