AKL or POR-FQ for Grumpy DH?

I really need some help in making this decision…maybe you could help???

We have the chance to get a pretty good deal on a studio at Kidani. The reviews all seem pretty much positive when it comes to the animals/rooms/pool…etc. But there seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the transit system and the distance to the park. Our last three trips have all been spent in the parks with very little downtime. (We break the cardinal TP rule and dont take midday breaks) DD is all about character meals/BBB…basically all things that require us to be in the parks by rope drop. Im afraid of getting stuck waiting for a bus while we lose our ADRs. That will make me a crazy grumpy DW!!

On the other-hand… My husband is currently grumpy because he really wants to stay at AKL even though it sounds like FQ would better mesh with our very tight schedule in August.

Any suggestions/experiences would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!

Having a grumpy DH myself, I would definitely stay at AKL if that is where he wanted to stay. Personally we always rent a car, and that is what I would do if you stay there. Makes it so much easier!

I will say it again: the bus ride from AKL to MK is 15 minutes. Since AKL does not share with another resort (unlike other deluxes) I think it has the vpbest deluxe buses. Plus- IT IS AKL… It is pure magic!


I agre with principal tinker. We thought the busses were great. No issue at all and I can verify the 15 minute route. We got on a bus at 6.45am and we’re getting off in MK at 7am (park opened at 9am and we had an 8am ADR).

We loved opening the curtains to see which animals were outside our room. It’s a great place to stay.

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I agree with everyone. We stayed in December at AKL and the buses were no problem at all. The whole family loved the resort.

Thank you! Thank you! You have all been so helpful!! I feel much better about making this decision!! AKL it is!! I did get the big “I told ya so” from DH…but that’s okay…being wrong in this situation is a good thing:)

Thank you again for your timely advice!!