AKL or OKW for kids first trip

Planning our first trip with the kids (3 & 5) for mid-December and are trying to decide between a 1 bedroom at AKL or OKW. Thoughts/recommendations?

I would definitely go with AKV. The resort is so incredibly immersive, with lots of great activities during the days and evenings. Food offerings are excellent, the pools are very nice (both at Jambo House and Kidani) and they have excellent Community Halls which our DD4 loves. Plus of course…the animals! :grinning:

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The rooms at OKW are huge and the resort is lovely.

But if AKL is on the table? Do that!

Of course then you’ll always be there (or better) LOL

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With young kids (or even without) I would definitely choose AKL, but I confess I have never stepped foot in OKW

I vote for AKL, especially if you have kids.

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AKL–it’s one of our favorite DVC resorts. And I think your kids would love it.

We stayed at AKL with our 4 year old twins and it was FABULOUS! They liked it, but I LOVED sitting on the balcony during naps, drinking a glass of wine, and watching the animals. It was so peaceful and calm. And the pool was a big hit.


Some additional thoughts:

  • The Kidani Village - AKV 1 bedrooms villas have an extra full bathroom for 2 bathrooms total.
  • The Jambo House - AKV 1 bedrooms have only one bathroom.
  • OKW 1 bedrooms have 1 bathroom and, in some of the buildings, the bathroom can only be accessed by entering the main bedroom.
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We’ve stayed at both and for kids your kids ages, I would definitely choose AKL. Plan on spending whole days there just to enjoy the activities. Well worth it. We did a reverse trip: 5 days at the resort and only 2 park days. It was fabulous. There was so much to keep the kids busy and interested. That said, we also love OKW but didn’t go there until the kids were much older and able to run off by themselves and play basketball while I read by the pool.