AKL Night Safari DOES have a minimum age

Just wanted to highlight a misquote in the WDW 2015 book - on page 712 which outlines Behind the Scenes Tours at WDW, it shows no minimum age for the Animal Kingdom Night Safari. In fact, the minimum age is 8 years old.

As I was told by Disney Castmember when I tried to book for my family including my 4 year old daughter, the minimum age is 8, and has always been so. We give $2,000 night vision goggles to each person…pause for effect. She was trying to say, we’re not going to give a piece of $2,000 equipment to a 4 year old.

Hey @len, you might want to look into this!

Edit: @Mtclymer, Hopefully Len will be able to look into this and update the book as needed :slight_smile:

Got it. Thanks!

Just got a flash back of Jurassic Park… the kid and the night goggles… “Are they heavy?” “Yes.” “Then they’re expensive, put them back!” :smile:
By the way, I’ve seen 30 year olds clumsier than a 4 year old

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May I ask if you were you staying in AKL on a regular floor or a concierge floor when signing up for the Night Safari? I’ve seen places say that you need to be a guest at the AKL to take the Night Safari and other places saying you need to be a guest at the AKL on the concierge floor to take the Night Safari. Also, do you need advanced reservations or can you sign-up same day?

We are staying on a regular floor and were able to book it. You just have to book it with AKL concierge services. We booked far in advance because it is something we really want to do. I’d call concierge services and ask them about advanced reservations.

I tried to book it more than 2 months ahead of my trip in September and it was already booked up the entire length of my stay.

thanks for the info!