AKL Kidani Village - Deluxe Studio Savannah View Review

My family stayed at AKL Kidani for the first time 6/4-6/11/16. It was our first time at the resort and it won’t be our last. I took the advice of @susan2200 and requested Room 7208 using the TP fax service. Upon arrival we received the text that our room wasn’t quite ready and when I inquired at the front desk she said we definitely want to wait for our room. At 3:45 we received the text - Room 7208!

The room was beautiful. Queen bed and the sofa that makes a bed. The bathroom area was quite large but I missed having two sinks. Separate toilet closet. There are automatic fans in the main bathroom area as well as the toilet closet and they kick on with movement and stay on for approximately 1 minute after you leave the room.

I will say that we would definitely get a 1 bedroom next time when staying with DS. Not much privacy for any of us and with the sofa bed pulled out there isn’t much room left.

Room 7208 was close to the Lobby, the Laundry Room, Community Hall and the arcade, as in steps to each. It’s on the same level as the lobby and it give a great view of the animals.

The pool area was amazing and very nice. Bar service was great.

I’ll be uploading photos below.



Pool area pictures -


Room door picture.

The sunlit area is the door to the bus stop from our room. Very close.

Bus stop entry way.



I miss it there.

Thank you for sharing


How comfortable was the sofa bed, especially compared to the regular bed?

My son normally sleeps on a memory foam mattress and had no complaints. The mattress on the sofa isn’t thick but he seemed ok. The queen bed was comfortable and I slept well on it. I didn’t try out the sofa bed though.

Also, the pillows and blanket for the sofa bed are in the closet. We found it after a few minutes.

I’ve found that the sofa beds (at Kidani, and everywhere else) are definitely more suitable for kids or maybe fairly small adults. The mattress is quite thin and the whole thing just feels wobbly/unsupported/squeaky under a grown person. It’s not unbearable and the kids never seem to have any problem with them at all, but I wouldn’t sleep on one for more than a couple of nights. On the other hand, I’ve found the regular beds to be quite comfy at every level of WDW resort.

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Yay! Really glad it worked out for you! Can’t beat that location. Too bad we just missed meeting you!

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Yea!! Another AKL lover!!!

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LOVE AKL! Never stayed at Kidani, but the room looks very similar to those in Jambo House.

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thinking of this for Christmas 2017 thanks for the pics beautiful

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