AKL - Kidani room requests

I haven't done online checkin yet because I'm not sure what requests to make.
I have heard to request near the lobby because of the LOOOOONNNNG hallways, but which side is better? AND should I request particular floors? This is our first stay on property and we DO have a savannah view room. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Also might be important to note that we are traveling with my folks and my Dad will have a scooter.

I would simply request "close to lobby." Since you have a savanna view already booked, you are golden! Ask again at live check in to make sure they saw your request.

I like to put Sunset Savanna near the lobby. There are 2 savannas at Kidani, but only Sunset has giraffe. Pembe has okapi. Just my opinion.

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So is sunset savannah on the Jambo house side?

I would highly suggest googling kidani and looking at the images section to see the layout of both savannas. Sunset stretches most of the way on the interior of the backwards3.