AKL Kidani 1BR SV recommendation

Morning all!! So far our trip in November we rented points at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani for a one bedroom villa, Savannah View. I’m going to put a room request in through TouringPlans and I’m wondering if anybody has any recommendations as to where the best rooms are. I’m pretty much looking for closest rooms to entrance because my little kids have outgrown strollers but still don’t have a ton of stamina. Any help would be appreciated!

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For our trip last month (3rd time at AKL) I put in a request for a 3rd floor room close to the lobby with some specific suggestions pulled from TP maps. I have honestly not seen a BAD Savannah view suite though fwiw.

We received room 7775 - one of the very farthest rooms you can get.

We adored the room and view and it was very quiet lol but it was no joke how the long the walk was. My kids actually loved racing through the halls to get there but I got tired of it and was relieved when we figured out that the Minnie Van would take us all the way through the garage (under the rooms) to get to the closest stairwell. Renting a car when staying there is also great for that reason.

All this to say, if you get your room ready text and it is a similarly remote room, stop at the desk to ask for a change before you hike out there with all of your stuff!

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Ty!!! We rent a car every year. So if we are renting it doesn’t matter AS MUCH where we are located in terms of how far away we are from the lobby? And parking is under the building? Sorry for all the questions!! I’ve stayed at Jambo House a few times but I’ve never been to Kidani. The only reason we’re staying in Kidani is it because it has two bathrooms and with a party of five those two bathrooms make a world of difference.

Oh yes, with a car you are good regardless!
The parking runs along underneath the rooms so you can park approximately underneath your room and be all set! The caveat being the last elevator bank is not all the way at the end but stairwells go all the way down (a bigger deal if you had strollers/ecvs etc).
And agree that 2 bathrooms are everything! Plus the washing machine. You are going to have the best time!