AKL Jambo House DVC Rental

OK first-time DVC points rental here so please bear with me.
I have a confirmed rental of a Deluxe Studio with Savanna view at Jambo.
Looking over the forum I see people stating the DVC’s Savanna Studios at Jambo are all on the 5th floor of the “main building”.

But when I try the TP Room finder tool I see three things:

  1. the only DVC studios are listed as “Club level/Studio - DVC - Club”
  2. there’s only three with Savanna view, and
  3. all of those rooms are on the 6th floor

Am I using the Room Finder incorrectly?
FWIW I didn’t ask or pay for any Club level upgrade. .

I think those are all under the “Savanna View-studio” category. The regular rooms will be under “Savanna view - 2 queen bed” option. The DVC rooms are all on the fifth floor. We rented points at Jambo last year. It was nice but I didn’t like the second bed sleeper sofa option so it’s not something I’d do again.

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I was just looking at this yesterday because of a question in chat. Your filter should look like this:

Once you click on the building you will see this:

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OK so I shouldn’t read anything into the lack of DVC in the description and just go ahead with a room request for whatever “Savanna View/Studio” catches our eye.


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Yes !

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