AKL Jambo -- confirming 1BR is Standard (not Savanna?)

Hi, all. We have a 1BR standard view booked for late April. I used the TouringPlans room locator to pick a preferred room to request. Room 5465 shows up on TP as a standard view, but I’m having some doubts this is classified correctly. It’s surrounded by Savanna view rooms and the photos don’t seem to suggest the view of the savanna is compromised at all. Anyone have any way to confirm if this room is in the mix? If not, do folks have a recommended 1BR standard view that gets some partial views of the savanna? Thanks!

I noticed that one myself when Jambo was a possibility

It does seem an anomaly, but I wonder if its because of animal cares area?

I see you’ve placed a note on the room :smiley: Hopefully someone can answer