AKL DVC Room Request question

Has anyone tried just excluding rooms/views with the room request. We are staying DVC AKL-Jambo House Standard Studio. I don’t really care what room we get other than I do not want by pool (noise) or the ones over the roof at the front center of the building.

Also, I read somewhere that there are very few standard view rooms, looking on the room finder it does appear to be slightly less than half of the DVC studios are standard view. What is the chance of being upgraded to a Savannah view?

Upgrades are not typical in my experience. It seems that the savannah views are more desirable but we had a standard view and still enjoyed all the wildlife from every common area.

Let me suggest that you request a room near the lobby, despite not wanting to be near the porte cochere. Those hallways are LONGGGGGGG. After a day at the parks, we were extremely grateful to only walk a few steps to our room. The noise from outside is blocked out pretty well when the balcony doors are closed. And it’s only noisy at certain times of the day. Otherwise it’s very peaceful.

The DVC rooms at Jambo are all on the 5th floor; not sure how much noise would be a factor from the pool - and it’s a beautiful pool area to overlook. I agree, closer to the lobby is better.

We have stayed pool view, 3rd floor (lobby level) and no notable noise. Gorgeous pool to look at. Don’t balk :slight_smile:

Thank you all, I guess I thought it would be very noisy because I watched a youtube video on one of the rooms and you could clearly hear the music and people throughout the room. Of course I watched it again and the sliding door was open the whole time.

Liners save the day again because I was completely thinking against this. I will just request one close to lobby.

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3432 is a great one