AKL Club Level Room

This is a once in a life time stay, for 2 nights and i want to do everything i can to make sure we put our best foot forward and hopefully get what im looking for :wink:The room locator on TP isnt complete as far as the views, says something like “this is close to room XXXX”

  1. I guess my first question is , the Club is it on level 6?
  2. Does anyone know if those rooms on the 6th floor are all suits? or is it just the lounge and thats it up there?
  3. Anyone have experience wit looking out there glass doors and see animals close eating or drinking? Where did you stay?
  4. I know CL can be arusha or pool view, looking to stay away from pool view. Ive seen on the map a couple of different “wings” is there one specific for the CL that id be looking for?
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The Club is up on the top floor, and there are rooms up there as well–maybe 10-12 on either side of the opening that looks down into the lobby. Some of the rooms are savannah view and some are pool view (no animals). From the savannah view, you can see animals if you are out on the porch, but because you are so high up, it doesn’t give you the best view, and there’s a straw roofline that hangs down a bit, too. Truthfully, the lower the level, the better the view I’ve had. Because you are club level, talk to your concierge host early on to explain how important an animal view room is–they will be in contact with you via email a few times before your trip.

I really enjoy club level at AKL. You’ll have a great time!!!

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