AKL Club level or Contemporary Garden view

First time to the world and learning a lot from this site and forums.

So, our budget can have either AKL Club level (kids will love it) or Contemporary Garden view. I think being able to walk to MK is better than AKL. Wife doesn’t think the bus will be that bad and worth it for AKL theming.

How long does it take from Garden view to MK walking?


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Walk from garden wing to the gate at MK is about 10 - 15 minutes.

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How many days are you going to each park? And will you spend a lot of time eating and playing at the resort. We loved AKL but ended up taking Lyfts and Minnie Vans to Epcot and MK because we had just missed busses and didn’t want to wait 20ish minutes and then have the longish bus ride. If you are going to MK more days than AK, I would do the Contemporary. That is our plan for our next trip.

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I am still heartbroken and bitter so I would say: AKL if it was a standard view room. CR if it is AKL Club and CR.


Thanks for the responses. Glad the walk is only up to 15mins - closer than I thought.

We’re not sure how many day’s we’ll be at each park, it’s our first visit and was thinking of spending around the same time at each park, we’ll have 11 days in total.

Thanks for the advice on the Lyfts - hadn’t thought the impact of just missing the bus -
that would add quite a bit of time. Are the buses usually 20mins apart?

Basically sounds like theme/club benefits vs being closer to the action.

You can get the theme any where in the resort. The club level will add some breakfast offerings (mainly pastries and oatmeal) and two “small plates” around dinner time plus bread, dips, vegetables and other cold finger foods.

Dessert nightly are small samples, and beer and wine are available later.

Here are a couple of pictures:


I wondered about your contribution to this discussion :wink:

I think it is only fair to add the heartbroken and bitter disclosure before I post anything regarding AKL. Honestly, really, truly - I will one day return to a standard view room and no one will pay any attention to me and definitely will not make me feel like dirt😩


The party line is every 20 minutes for buses. Not sure how accurate that is but I figured it would be a bit when we saw one pulling away as we were leaving the lobby.

Not even a close call for me - AKL all the way. I would take a non-club room at AK (as long as it was a savanna view) over the CR.

Is it the AKL club level rooms that are like unicorns to catch or are those the values?

Values are unicorns and DVC Club Level I believe.

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I am sorry you were treated so poorly at AKL. We have been here 48 hours and have had nothing but amazing experiences. From letting us move to a bunk bed room even though they provided us exactly what we booked (standard), to delivering our Instacart order just a few minutes after I called, to then coming back yesterday morning to move our huge amount of stuff to bell services for the day (showing up 5-10 min after calling), to bringing it all (6 suitcases, 2 backpacks, 2 32 packs of water, 6 bags of groceries…) to our new room in the afternoon right away…always with a smile and a great attitude. I hope that the problems you experienced in Club Level have been fixed and you will be able to return and be made to feel important just like we have.


I never had anything but amazing service staying in a standard room. That is why I would suggest a standard room at AKL

Club Level CMs - I will stop now about them. I have edited this just to say that it is always surprising to me. 13 months later and I can hear the voice with disgust, see the eye rolls and remember how stupid I am to not know there were important guests and no-it is just too bad that we are charging you for that room, we gave it to someone else. Then I start crying again- so if the choice is between AKL CL and CR, stay at CR- please.

I remember your story and am still sad that this happened to you. I would be near tears as well! I don’t fault you at all for choosing anything over AKL Club, I could never go there again either if I was treated that way. That behavior is completely unacceptable. Their non-CL CM’s could teach them something about manners, that’s for sure.

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Not that I want to wallow in your misery tinker, but I’m considering club level AKL, is there a thread where I can read this infamous story?

I was going to ask the same before I take the plunge and book anything?

@craigbarr and @Jenniferjoanneyoung I did not go into in in my trip report.

Short version:

I booked AKL CL room. I did book it on the AP rate but with the extra charge for the adult it was- last year- $485 plus tax. It was the first time I did not use the TP fax at AKL, but I used a TA and it was noted on reservation that two queen beds were needed.

After my trip I heard from Disney multiple times. This is what they found:

I checked in after 4 and before that time a change was made to my room based on another guest’s request. They saw a party of three, assumed there was a child, missed the request and the extra charge. Then then moved me to a standard view room. That room was weird- didn’t even have a hair dryer. I asked about that and I was told that was my fault. I didn’t request one. They are not in rooms as an energy saving program (my Disney contact said she was sorry that made her laugh- they make stuff up). Ok- not my first rodeo- I asked how there were any energy concerns since hair dryers are kept in a bag under the sink. That…did not go well. Let’s be clear- I was not angry or rude- I could not talk to them without crying.

I still do not know how I could have people make me feel so bad but it did not impact any part of my trip.

If someone had said in the beginning- we can bring you a roll bed- or- we will move your to a room that costs half as much as you paid- do you have a request on that room ( well- I did beg them to move me to 4218 if I was going to be in a standard room). Or - we are sorry- we messed up your room- but it was my fault.

I am waiting for TP room updates. CL said the problem was that half the CL rooms are bunk rooms- the room finder just showed the one.

End of story: I have a voucher for a free CL stay that I can use anywhere. I still have not booked anything- maybe next year- not AKL. I also have a number to call to make sure the room is right .


Just stayed at CR Garden wing. Loved it. Room was great. The walk is about 15 min. with a security check along the way. Did Akl Club level many years ago and it was nice, but didn’t really take advantage of it.

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Did you stay at Jambo or Kidani? I like Jambo, Kidani not so much.