AKL - BBB (MK) travel time (bus) and other BBB advice please

What time would you recommend being at the bus stops at AKL Jambo to get to a 2.25pm BBB in MK appointment? Also, what time do you think we'll be finished? Would like to book some FPP for after the appointment. Also would you recommend wearing the dress on the bus or just putting it on once we're there? Thanks

I don't know the answer to most of your questions but I can say that they will most likely be running behind at 2:25pm so don't expect to get in right away. I say this because you mentioned that you want to book some FP+. Also, we went to Castle Couture and did the photo shoot so that added to our time. We had a 12:50pm appointment last year and didn't finish with everything until close to 3pm because they were running quite a bit behind.

It is so much fun though!!! I cried when she did the meet and greet at Fairytale Hall afterwards.

Thank you. That does help as I think I would do a 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7 FPP at the most. Maybe only 2. It's a party night, so we won't be able to get FPP after that anyway.

That sounds perfect! Then you won't feel too rushed.

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I would give myself at least an hour but the bus ride is really not that long. In June I was trying to meet a friend at MK. It was their last day and they were leaving to go home after the FoF parade. I was at the AK bus stop at 2:00 when my son realized he forgot his MB. We ended up going back to room and returning to bus. We loaded the bus at 2:37. I was standing on Main Street by 3:02. I was shocked how fast it was but it was very stressful.

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Thank you. It's my first trip and it's really hard to gauge these things as I have NO idea. Don't want to be late and miss the appointment. Even if they will be running late!

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