AKL and YC

Just got back from split stay and thought i would let people know what I thought were the pros/cons of each accommodation. For AKL pros were that it is very visually stunning i.e lobby and surrounding Savannah, the quick service restaurant had great options, and the hotel offers a lot of programs. The cons were that it is a far away from three of the parks, bus transportation was hit or miss and there was a lot of wasps around the pool. For YC the pros were its proximity to epcot, HS and BW, the pool and a renovated room. The cons were a lack of options at quick service, pool area is very large so difficult to keep track of children and housekeeping was always done later in the day when we would normally be going back for mid day break.
We have stayed at wilderness lodge and art of animation (son picked this) in past. Really prefer the deluxes for the balcony and other amenities. Leaning towards Wilderness lodge again for next year as we have not been there since 2014. Also have done the Disney cruise but prefer the parks.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks! I can never stay away from WL for long!