ADR in 9 days! DH, myself, DS13 DS10 DD7 looking to eat at Akershus but cant decide between breakfast, lunch or dinner. Are the characters the same for all 3 meals?? What are your experiences with meals?

Last time we went for breakfast and dinner. The breakfast food was definitely more kid friendly, usual breakfast foods. DD's 8 and 6 at the time didn't care too much for the dinner. The characters were about the same except that at dinner Cinderella was there which she is not in the morning and Belle had on a special Christmas dress for dinner. Otherwise it was the same princesses for both meals.

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At lunch, it was the best ravioli I have had in my life, no joke. Awesome desserts, and the cold bar with meats, cheeses, fruits, salads -- it was all top notch. Yum!

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We have enjoyed all the meal there but its prob one of our fav character breakfasts available.

Don't hesitate to ask for things "plain". It makes everything more kid friendly. I ordered the grilled steak sandwich plain at lunch for my son (12) and myself. It was very delicious tender meat.

We definitely have 2 picky eaters. An early breakfast was my first choice, but we will do breakfast at Ohana our last day. I am thinking maybe a late lunch might work at Akershus.