Akershus timing

I have many Akershus ADRs for the same day for our Dec trip where Epcot is scheduled to be a CL 7. I’m ready to start dropping some of them. I plan to split the day with Disney Springs. My Epcot time will be Akershus, FEA with FP, and exploring World Showcase. Illuminations uncertain.

Is Disney Springs better early or later in the day?

Is Akershus better for breakfast, lunch or dinner? I’ve done lunch in the past.

I prefer breakfast at Akershus over the other times of day. That meal will keep you filled up for many hours. So, maybe choose that, then do a few things around EP.

DS doesn’t open until 10 (I believe) but there are so many new things there. We plan to have a day where we get there in the early afternoon but stay until after dark so we can see it in both lights.

I do love Illuminations, but if you’d like to split this particular day, I’d go with EP in the am and DS for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. I am definitely leaning towards breakfast. I have 8 park days, so I have plenty of time to split days and wander around a bit. I do like Illuminations, but it isn’t my favorite. And I think DH is also very much on the fence.

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Great! 8 days is a good amount of time to be able to see & do most of what you’d like. All depends on your touring style, of course.

When is your trip? We’ll be there in January.

Dec. Last year we did 6 days and it just wasn’t enough with all the ADRs we had.

I’m also trying to actually DO ROPE DROP this year. I couldn’t get DD and DH out of the resort early enough. This year I better see the Welcome Show, or they might get left behind! :slight_smile:

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Our last trip was the first time we were able to make RD. I also have a DD10 that is a night owl and tough to get up in the morning. I know it’s talked up a lot on the forum, but RD can not be overstated. It’s amazing to get to a park as it opens and know that you basically can do whatever you like.
Good Luck!!!

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We (I mean ME!) are carefully scheduling to avoid many late nights. Last year, every night was 11pm or midnight before we got back to the resort. Not this year. I just can’t! RD or BUST! LOL

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I’m leaning towards lunch or dinner. Breakfast is useful if you don’t want to spare the time later for a TS meal, but I like the idea of a TS meal after we’ve done most of our touring for the day. I know I will enjoy Akershus more at lunch or dinner with an alcoholic drink to help drown out the noise of any crying children.

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