Akershus Questions

I am planning a trip in December, and I have an ADR at Akershus for 3:15 PM one day (3:30 is the latest you can get). I am not eligible for the DDP, so I am trying to make as late a reservation as possible for the lunch, so that I can pay the lunch price, but the meal will be more of a dinner for us. I’ve also heard that making one of the last reservations is great for making sure the characters give your child plenty of attention, since the restaurant starts clearing out. We will be dining on one of the least busy days for Epcot, according to TP site. Has anyone done something similar to this? I am concerned that I might have to wait to be seated and have to pay the dinner price if they wait gets very long. I am just not sure what to expect with character dining since I’ve never done it. Also, do the princess stay, even as they switch from lunch to dinner? Thanks. I’d love to get any info on what to expect at Akershus or tips for Character dining.

If you booked lunch, you will pay for lunch. It is like the last seating for breakfast where you can hope for lunch items as well.

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Thanks for the response. Do you know if the princess stay out all the time or do that leave at a certain time? THanks!

Characters should all visit your table. If they haven’t gone by, ask for a manager & they’ll ensure you get a visit. Don’t worry; WDW has a system in place and does this daily. I’ve booked the last seating at two character breakfasts and all went well.

Yes, sorry, they would rotate around to each table. If you sit down and you see one walking away- don’t worry! They will come back. As PianoMinnie said, if they don’t, say something!

Great! Thanks for the comments and advice!