Akershus PPO breakfast

Has anyone here had an 8:15 PPO breakfast reservation at Akershus, went early as if it were an 8:00, and NOT been seated early? Everything I’m reading says to act like it is an 8:00 reservation , and I’ve not read an account where the family wasn’t seated a bit early. I am trying to decide if it’s worth my effort to keep searching for an 8:00 if the 8:15 is basically the same. We’re trying to give ourselves the best chance at getting ahead of the rope drop crowd for FEA and Elsa/Anna meet n greet, but of course if the kids are having fun with the princesses we will just let them have fun and stand in whatever lines my be. The main point of the early breakfast is to be able to have that character meal without spending an hour+ of actual park time, but the possibility of getting to go on FEA and meet the sisters quickly is a bonus!

You should be fine with the 8:15


They seat based on arrival - just get in queue. They’ll ask to confirm you have a reservation and make sure you should be there at PPO. However, they won’t make you wait until your exact time. Akerhus PPO is popular enough that they are just trying to get as many people through the buffet as quickly possible.


Thank you! This is helpful. I will stop searching for the 8:00 like a mad-woman now LOL!

We had same situation in September and arrived for 8 and were sat pretty much immediately and headed right over to FEA with a wait of a couple minutes but that’s because we were a larger party and we were waiting on stragglers to return from the restroom!

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