Akershus or BOG ressies

I have a ressie for Ohana already but the fam and I really wanna go to Akershus or BOG. Were going from 12/25-12/28. If anyone plans on giving one away please let me know I would love to coordinate with you. For Akershus any time of day ressie would be fine. I know im gonna probably be out of luck on this one but I figured I might as well try.

Nothing to offer but my family's first trip was 12/25-12/31 a few years ago and it was kind of last minute. We only decided to go in October and didn't book any dining until early November. I called and got CRT, Ohana breakfast and dinner, 1900 and more. So there is a very good possibility something will open up for you. You just have to keep checking. It make work best to call rather than try online. Good luck!