Akershus or Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long

My Touring Plan tells me that my Akershus reservation conflicts with the only Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long performance of that day. (This attraction starts on January 17.) I have to give one up. Akershus shows no more availability. So far I’m keeping Akershus. Am I making the right decision?

Keep Akershus and check the park schedule when you arrive - you are far more likely to get lucky and find additional B&B performances (as it is supposed to alternate with Impressions de France), then you are to find another Akershus reservation.


In Touring plans when I made a trip plan for early February it had it showing each hour - I think on the hour. If you add it to your plan I think they’ll all come up for you to see.

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Yes, now more times for the sing-a-long are showing in my Touring Plans. I guess there was a glitch. Looks good now.