Akershus lunch for adults

I have an ADR for 1:55 at the request of DBF because this is where his family would eat when he was a little kid. However, he read the menu recently and was disappointed that the food had completely changed from what he remembered (I warned him of this since it’s been 15 years, but he was still holding out hope). He hasn’t told me to cancel yet, but now I’m wondering if it’s worth it? I definitely see things on the menu I’d like, and he will too, but I’m having a hard time justifying $50 each for lunch!! Any recommendations for lunch/dinner instead? I was thinking it would be nice to just wander around and share snacks from each country. TIA!

What does he remember the menu being. The cold buffet is herring (pickled) salmon other fish, cold meat salads fruit cheese , bread and pickles from what I can remember.
You help yourself to this buffet then they bring your choice of hot food to your table. It is good value if you want to meet Princesses but there are many better places to eat that are cheaper

He remembered venison, he didn’t get into specifics but he did say he thought there used to be a lot more choices too. I could go either way eating there, I just didn’t know if it was worth $50 for lunch. I assume it’s pricey because of the princesses?

Yes you are paying for the princesses I would cancel and book something else.

Same think. I would cancel. The princesses are part of the dreM, but the food is not quite worth the price…

Thank you!