Akershus - Early Entry Advantage with New System?

Good afternoon, I just saw that Akershus will be opening up in a few weeks. We have never had the opportunity to go in the past, and are looking into it for our trip in April 2023. One of the advantages for us would have been the ability to meet princesses and then be able to get in line for Frozen Ever After and not have to us a Lightning Lane for it. But now with early entry to the parks will Akershus open early enough to take advantage of that? In the past I believe it opened an hour before the park opened, but now with hotel guests gaining entry a half hour prior to the gates opening is that advantage still there?

Probably not. You’ll have to see what time it opens but no restaurants offer that advantage anymore.


I did not see any mention of breakfast in the announcement.

Currently only the dinner menu is available for viewing on the website. When I looked right after the announcement, you could look at the breakfast menu. Now it is gone. Not sure if that means it will only be open for dinner?

It may be like at DLR where it is an advantage for people who are offsite. So you get an 8:50 ADR (on a 9:00 start day) but get into the park at the same time as EE. You ride FEA and then go to breakfast. Or, you get at the very very front of Remy, then run to FEA and walk into breakfast 5 mins late.

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