Akershus during CRT renovations?

My ADR day is Monday and I am debating the order in which I need to pursue what I want. I know 2 of mine will be made considerably more difficult due to CRT closure...Akershus and pre-RD CP. I was wondering if anyone could comment on how it's been trying to book Akershus in January. I am planning on booking far out from my arrival date. TIA!

Go peek at what is available 180 out. I just looked for today (which is jan 22) and 8am ADRs at CP were plentiful. It gave me tons of times for all meals on Akershus.

Heck I'm seeing bog availability!

Basically? I think you will have no problem getting what you want as long as you get to it first thing.

Good idea! Will do. But yes, it sounds good. I am wanting BOG as well. I am feeling confident...thank you!

When my 180 was approaching I would look at a few things each day- just to get the feel for what would be harder or should be the priority. Good luck!

I'm glad I did that. Everything looking good but Fantasmic Dining HBD might be the first thing I need to go for...there is availability but it's super early. Thanks!

That is all you will find due to the hour of the fantasmic showing in January- just FYI.

Ahhh...it showed a range of up to as late as 5:30...is that just an option at other times of the year so that is why it's showing?

Whenever you do a search, it has a set range of hours to look within vs looking for whole day. What that is telling you is that it looked between the hours of 2-5 (or whatever) and this is what they have. It does not mean there were 2p or 5p res ever available. The times showing up now are the norm. It is VERY limited.

For HBD to work I would have a big breakfast and skip lunch so you're hungry by 330. Otherwise you can book mm for a more normal lunch time F! Package

Thank you so much..you have been very helpful. We will probably do brunch and early dinner because we are park hopping to HS for Fantasmic...it's not scheduled for our best HS day. So dinner is our only option.

We are going in November and are doing something very similar- enjoy!!