Akershus dinner: ordering more than 1 entree

Unofficial Guide states “you can order more than 1 entree - just ask” at Akershus. Has anyone actually done this? Not that I think we’ll be hungry enough for a second entree but for sampling sake, I’m curious as to whether anyone had actually been able to at dinner.

Yes, I have! I wanted to try both the short ribs and meatballs so I asked for both. Got a weird look, but no argument :smile:

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I ordered the beef tips and really wanted to try short ribs as well, but still did not know whether it was acceptable, so I didn’t try. For the price I was mad at myself for not going ahead and doing it. I will definitely do it next time.

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Is this true at breakfast, too?

Kind of related… I used to LOVE Akershus when it was “just” a very good Norwegian restaurant. Since the Princesses invaded, the menu has been stripped from what it used to be. This question is for those who have been “before and after”; is what’s left on the menu as good as it used to be, or has it been stripped of its authenticity?