Akershus character dining

Is akershus character experience the same for breakfast and dinner?

I don’t know if dinner is the same but we LOVED breakfast! It was the perfect combination of table service and buffet. It was our favorite Princess activity. We thought the value and experience was better than CRT. The parade and individual attention from princess was a favorite. The restaurant feels cozier (more private) and calmer than any other character meal we had. We had an ADR before the park opened and enjoyed the whole experience. Our kids were also able to go into the Norway store and make their Traveling Teddy while they waited. *Now there’s the bonus of being right near Frozen ever after when it opens.


Based on @Motts1024 description, it sounds like the same as dinner, which we did there. When we entered, we got our picture taken with Belle. The princesses each came by our table for a chat and a picture. Then all the children got to parade around the restaurant with the princesses. It was fun.

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I agree. And as much as my kids loved eating in the castle… the actual character interaction was better at Akershus. I prefer anytime littles can move around the restaurant and be part of the ‘show.’


About how long did your whole breakfast experience take? We have an 8am Pre RD and wondering if we would actually beat the crowd to FEA, but definitely don’t want to rush and miss any of the princess fun!

I remember thinking it took about an hour from when our name was called to when we walked out. That included the picture with Belle, breakfast, payout, etc. All character meals are very efficient at turning over tables but breakfast is probably the best. They know people are trying to get to the park and they’re trying to feed as many people as possible. Try to enjoy it and not rush. You should have plenty of time.

We went last year right before FEA opened so nothing was open in the World Showcase and we had to walk back across the park to see ride anything. There is a LOT of walking between RD and Norway so I think you’ll be fine. *Make sure you give yourself between 15-25 minutes to walk from the entrance to the restaurant, depending on how fast your party travels.

Also, double check me, but ADR have a flexible window. I believe you can show up between 15-30 minutes BEFORE or after a reservation time to get your name. Then it’s based on first come first served. So I’d check how early they can check you in and give yourself a few extra minutes.

Thanks! Yes, our priority is enjoying the characters. We have a FP+ for FEA because I didn’t want to rush, but it’s nice to know we might get to squeeze it in early. Our ADR is 8am, so I hope they are a little lax on the 7:45 admittance! I don’t want to start our day sprinting across the park! :wink: