Akershus Breakfast/lunch?

A reservation popped up for Akershus at Epcot for 10:55 I snapped it up thinking it would be early lunch. Upon further review it turned out to be breakfast :frowning: We are not breakfast people…Since it is almost lunch time will they let us order lunch? This is the only reservation we really cared about getting so my 4 year old daughter could see the princesses. Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing?

I heard their lunches are weird? breakfast foods may not be too bad? I always find they have some kind of lunch out later in the morning.

We had breakfast at Akershus last November and really enjoyed it! I have also heard that the lunch food may be a little more adventurous than breakfast, so if you have picky eaters it may be better for you to go to breakfast. They did have a lot of meat and cheeses on the buffet portion of the meal, so if you don’t like the bacon/sausage/eggs/breakfast food they bring to the table there is always that option. We went more for the princess experience than for the food. We had wonderful service; the cast members here were some of the nicest! Our daughters loved meeting the princesses, also. We like breakfast food, so the food was pretty good for our tastes.

We’ve had lunch once and breakfast twice. We’ve got an ADR for breakfast again this coming January. We much prefer it over lunch.
The offerings are mostly savory, and there’s a nice variety.
The items served family style are really good. The potato casserole is something I think about all year long! And, the sausages are high quality.

You will not be able to order lunch. Lunch service starts at 11.55. They totally clear out between each sitting now and reset the same as Chrystal palace now. You might find princesses rushed at that time as breakfast sitting ends at 11.10 also. I would try for an earlier/ later time if possible.

So we would only have a very small time to eat and meet the princesses before they kick us out?

Yikes! We have a 3:10 lunch reservation, will we be rushed? This is our first princess meal experience and my daughter is super excited.

We did lunch at Akershus (both in 2014 and 2015) and loved it! Our kids are pretty adventurous eaters but IMO they still had regular kid-friendly stuff. My husband and I LOVED the traditional Norwegian dish (can’t remember name, starts w/ a K, meatball thing lol). I have heard breakfast is great though and has a really nice variety!