Akershus Breakfast Dining Time?

Seeking advice for when to make ADR for Akershus breakfast on 9:00 park opening:
Option 1: 8:00 pre-RD ADR at Akershus and then to FEA (is FP+ needed at that time??), then FP+ Soarin, TT
Option 2: RD Soarin, TT and 10:15ish ADR at Akershus with FP+ FEA after

Akershus Breakfast is character dining and you should plan 90 minutes for that, so you won’t be walking out until 9:30 am. If suggest scenario 2.

I agree option #2. There have been reports that they have been letting guests into EP early. If you get out of breakfast even rushing at 8:45 you may be behind the crowd.

I agree option 2, maybe consider an even later ADR. That way you can get a few things done in FW before your rest at Akershus.

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