Akershus - best time to go for adults?

Hello! I have a friend that will be celebrating his bday at WDW in Oct. He’s a huge “classic” Disney princess fan so we’d like to take him to Akershus. HOWEVER…we are a group of 6 adults and would like to avoid a huge crowd of kiddos if possible. Any idea which Akershus meal (bfast, lunch, dinner) would appeal more to the 18 and older crowd??

None of them, honestly. It’s Disney world, and there are princesses at every meal at Akershus. That means there will be many children, especially little girls, at Akershus all.day.long. But, I wouldn’t let that deter me. I’ve seen quite a few adults only tables eating there and none of them seemed phased by the kids. Disney does a good job of seating, pumping out food quickly, getting the characters to do their rounds, and flipping that table. Good luck!

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Remember the Disney Princesses not only come to the kids but they come to the adults as well. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NEVER. The place is an unrelenting mass of kids (especially the under 10 girl demographic) from opening to closing. Personally, I would place it on one of the rings of Dante’s Inferno…


Wow! You know how many Norweigns go to Disney World? I and my wife have been to Akershus many times and we love it. Yes, my wife is Norweign or half. I on the other hand am not. So the little girls get to parade through the table with the princesses. It’s not like it’s a Daycare Center or anything like it. They are very orderly and it is fun watching them have a dream come true. The food is excellent but expensive. By the lines waiting to get in, I think you could say it’s a popular place. It’s rare when you can get in as walk-in for Dinner. Contrary to a previous post, the place is NOT one mass of kids and certainly not Dante’s Inferno. It is a place for families though, and a place to photo families with the princesses in a fairytale world. Isn’t that what Disney World is supposed to be all about.

Forgive my sarcasm… Perhaps it’s long lasting bitterness over the fact that they took one of my favorite restaurants in EP, added a few CMs dressed up like “Princesses”, cut the menu offerings by more than half, and jacked the prices way up. For all three meals.

And, FWIW, the one time I did try it after the transition, it pretty much was like a daycare. The parade was cute, but the constant running around between the tables, the melt-downs at 3 of the 4 tables around me, and the constant noise made it one of the least enjoyable meals I’ve had at WDW. And for the price, I could have have eaten at Le Cellier…

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My DH and I visited before the transition to a Princess meal and it was our first choice to go back to on our second trip. We didn’t know we were going to meet the Princesses and were a little embarrassed to be a party of two adults. My husband still loves to tell people the story of one of the Princesses arriving at our table, looking for a small child, then saying to my husband, “this must be your princess!” He agreed that I was.


Food wise, we always book the latest breakfast we can so we can have both the breakfast and lunch offerings. I think the only time which may be slightly quieter is as late in the day as possible, when a lot of the little ones are one their way back to the resorts. :slight_smile: