AK with No EMH Access on EMH Day

Travelling to WDW for the 1st time with my claustrophobic husband and 4-year-old twins. AK crowd levels are expected to be a 4 my preferred day to visit with AM EMH. We are staying off-site the first week of February. Am I crazy to go since the resort guests will have beaten us to the punch? I am hoping the “off-season” and low crowds will offset being unable to access the AM EMH. I would prefer to visit AK first since we only have 3 days and once we visit the MK there will be no way to convince them to visit another park. Trying to minimize crowds and meltdowns…

I would think you will most likely be fine, especially with a 4 CL. We visited WDW during spring break this past March. Since we were staying on property, we used the EMH for AK on one of the days at 7:00 am. There was hardly anyone there for that first hour.

I typically avoid all EMH days because we stay offsite. However, if you choose your FPP well I still think you’d be ok. I would FPP rides/meet and greets before shows. Shows hold so many people, I typically can walk in right before they start without a FPP. Our FPP window just opened on a CL7 day and I still got all the FPP at the times I wanted. Another thought is to do AK in the afternoon. I’ve read that it really empties out by 3 (we’ll be trying this for the first time in Jan).