AK - Valley of Moara

What is the Valley of Moara? Is that just walking trails that can be done at any time or is there something more? I noticed it was an item on the TP attractions list.

It’s Pandora :wink:

So not really a thing to schedule for a specific time. It’s basically walking around, like the trails?

There is plenty to see and explore all around Pandora, so in that way, yes.

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I would say definitely make sure you plan to be there at least once during the day and once after dark so you can see both. It is really pretty - you don’t need a lot of wander time if you are content to just look as you walk to a ride, but there are some pretty cool things in the land. I really enjoyed seeing the drummers this past trip.

Also gotta take that magic shot with the banshee :joy:


Thanks for the Banshee tip. :slight_smile: