AK Trip Report (Wed, 15 Jan 2020), Ride FoP 5x ?!?

(Pieced together from Photopass time stamps, cell phone pic timestamps and text thread with wife)

Highlights: Our son rides FoP five times. He also rides EE 5 times.

0750 - Animal Kingdom Parking Lot
0810 - Through Security and waiting at AK taps
0823 - Discovery Island - As we get there, we see rope drop crowd being released to Pandora
0828 - 20th In line for Na’vi, but it didn’t start on time (glitches). This is rough for my plan to RD Na’vi and then get to K Safaris before 0900 to ride it standby and change out our 0905 KS FPs for EE and Dinosaur.
0858 - Fixed.
0908 - Off Na’vi
0912 - Find out that the bridge between Pandora and Africa is closed (where FOP queues). Have to go back around. So much for shortcut
0921 - Finally in line for KS (FP 0905)
0952 - Off of KS. Head to Asia for EE.
1016 - DH, DS off of Expedition Everest (FP 1005) Go to SB Queue for Dinosaur
1036 - Realize we’ll miss FotLK, so we exit Dino queue to return later with FP
1042 - DW,DD Off Dinosaur (FP 1005
1050 - Festival of the Lion King (barely got seats, but they seated us in reserve since theater was almost full)
1100-1130 FOTLK
1140 - Eat packed lunch outside Gorilla Falls in shade
1155 - Gorilla Falls
1220 - Start walking to FOP after Gorilla Falls
1225 - Stop for Starbucks
1247 - FOP with Rider Switch (I go first with DS). Off at 1305
1310 - FOP with Rider Switch (now DW and DS)
1322 - I go to Dinoland with DD in search of promised cotton candy.
1338 - DW, DS Off of FoP
1351 - DH,DD Off of Triceratops Spin after cotton candy.
1404 - DW,DD Off of Triceratops Spin
1409 - DH, DS off of Expedition Everest (FP 1330)
1419 - DS, DH off of Expedition Everest (Single Rider very short line, got on same car)
1430-1505 Finding Nemo
1501 - Get Same Day FP for FoP for 2
1525 - DS off of Expedition Everest (Single Rider super short wait)
1535 - DS off of Expedition Everest (Single Rider super short wait)
1550 - FOP Rider Switch again; This time DW,DS go first. DH, DD hang out (and purchase toy) in gift shop
1619 - First two off FoP
1625 - DH,DS tap in to FoP. Off at 1649.
1653 - DH, DS tap in again for FoP (Same Day FP drop). Son’s fifth time riding. Off at 1717
1700 - DW, DD Triceratops Spin; then Boneyard
1800 - DH, DS off of Dinosaur (FP 1500). Tapped in at 1740.
1802 - All in Boneyard.
1830 - Leave Park

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