Ak tp

Can’t figure out what’s wrong with my AK TP. It is telling me I may not get to all my attractions before the park closes, but we are finishing up right after the 1st JB. I checked all of my AM/PM times, and nothing seems wrong. Anyone else having this problem?

Can you make the TP public and post a link so we can see it?

When this has happened to me in the past, it was because I had some attraction/ show that closed or was finished before the rest of the park. I agree it would be helpful to post your TP for viewing.

When I was working on my plan for next April, I got the same message. TP still shows the park closing at 6pm, but lists the evening attractions that occur well after 6. I’m hoping they get the TP updated soon.

Thanks. I suspected that, because I’ve done a lot of these TP’s and I just couldn’t figure out what went wrong. The funny thing is, the TP has park hours from 9AM to 11PM.

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