AK TP Safari

I’ve always heard we should try to do Safari in the early morning when the animals are most active. TP keeps putting it midday. No FPP picked or loaded yet so I’m sure it’s trying to minimize my wait at other attractions. But it got me wondering - is morning Safari really much better? What say you Touring gurus?

We did the Safari in the afternoon, right at 9am and around noon.

9am was by far the best Safari, so yes, do it right at rope drop if possible.

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The most active safari I have ever been on was at dusk. It was so active that the safari lasted over an hour- the giraffes were chasing other animals across the road. That being said, I have always enjoyed every single safari. I always see something new, and there are always animals you do not see. Want to see lions that are up and roaring? Go st night when you cannot see many animals. You will enjoy it regardless of the time of day!


Been all times of day. Morning, afternoon, early evening. It’s always good, always different.

Recently we made the mistake of going without fpps midmorning, in October. TP wait times said around 12 minutes. But by the time we got there, wait went up to 20 minutes, and kept climbing endlessly while in standby line.

Personalized TP plan told us to go to Safari & then to EE, but fam was excited to hit EE 1st right after RDing FOP, Navi. I should have stayed with TP’s advice. It never steers me wrong.

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You can’t plan this, but the best safari I was on was during a rainstorm. The animals were so active, even the lions who I never see moving around. This was at around 12:30 on Wild Africa Trek, but once you get to the savannah, you see the same things the regular Safari gets to see.


Beautiful photos, @FindMeAFishingSpot. Interesting to know, re doing Safari during the rain. :star_struck: Will try to do that in future trips.

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We recently did the special FOTLK package which included a private safari ride. According to the CM on our safari, 10:30 am is the best time to see animals.
Personally, I have found dusk to be a great time.


The animals are most active during the most moderate time of the day. In the “hot” months, that means early or late. In the “cold” months, that means mid day (giraffes won’t even leave their barn if it is too cold). That being said, I’ve never had a safari where I didn’t see lots of animals…


Oh! Did you write up anything about that package? I booked it for February.

I haven’t written anything about it. It was absolutely amazing and I am seriously considering doing it again on our March trip for my birthday.

Did you eat before or after? My Tiffins meal is at 6:30 but I am checking in at 3? I think at Tiffins. It says “3:00pm show”.

So we ate before–we had a 2:30 lunch reservation and went to the 5 pm FOTLK show and then on the safari. I had asked about what happens if you eat later and they said you need to pick up your lanyard at Tiffins. I hope they continue to offer this package.

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I know it says the sequence can change but I cannot find any reports of anyone that ate at the end.

I wanted to eat later, but nothing was available. I tried calling Disney and the CM who answered was clueless and kept reading the exact wording from the website to me.
I am hoping to do dinner if we go again.

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