AK TP Questions/ Questions from a TP Newbie!

Hi there - making my very first FP+ and my very first TP. I have FP+ for EE at 11:35 and KS at 1:25. I want to ride KS first thing in the AM, (and the TP is putting me there at 9:10- perfect), but when I try to put in a second visit to KS, it ignores my FP+ and puts the second visit right after the first. I'd also like to leave the park, come back and ride EE in the evening. Having trouble getting that set up. Am I not doing something right? Or maybe just misunderstanding the whole point of a TP? I should just follow the recommendations despite what I think I might want to do?

Oh - and it keeps throwing in an Adventurer's Celebration Gathering (or two! one in the am and one in the pm) and then telling me there are no shows for that date!
I'm optimizing and evaluating to no success. date is for 11/8. Any ideas, or is this one for the webmaster? Thanks!!


Hi, I couldn't access your plan. You need to tick a box, can't remember the exact dialog, but is basically states that by ticking the box you allow other people to view. I had exactly the same issue. I don't think that you're doing anything wrong. What I have seen people suggest is optimize your plan and then when you're happy with it, move your second KS to a time within your FPP window and then evaluate. For leaving the park, put a break and you'll be asked whether you'll be staying in park or leaving. Then you can also move your EE to a time in the evening when you wish to ride. Hope this helps a bit, or someone can come along and offer some more helpful advice.

I think that worked! It is still wanting to put me in that Adventurer's Celebration Gathering twice a day and I have no idea why! But I just "x" that out. Weird.. Thanks for your help - I'm sure I'll have more questions!

You're welcome and ask away. I'm actually a WDW newbie. Haven't actually been. I've just picked up things from hanging around here and in chat for the last year and a bit. It will all fall into place in no time. Enjoy planning smile

TP wants you to celebrate! Don't resist!!

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