AK TP Help please

I have a 40 min spot open between Yak & Yeti QS and Flights of Wonder. What should I do with my time? I don’t want to zig zag anymore than I already am…

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No Safari?
No Dinosaur?
No Primevil Whirl
No Triceratop Spin (just a riff on dumbo/alladdin/astro orbiter ride)
No Tough To be a bug?

These would be simple and possibly worthwhile ways to add time/attractions in unless you are trying to avoid them.

Safari, Dinosaur, Primevil Whirl were intentionally left off.

I dislike the Safari (I know, terrible huh!). Based on youtube previews, DD6 will be furious with me if I make her get on Dinosaur. And, she isn’t tall enough for Primevil Whirl.

How far out of the way is Tough to be a Bug from where I will be? I’d really like to minimize walking.

It’s just down the lane from FOW. It seemed to be basically at the base of the tree of life.

Youtube It’s tough to be a bug. If you think dd6 will freak, don’t do it, or just be prepared. It’s a fantastic show, but I read on one of the bigger wdw sites that there are a few screaming kids at each show. When we went, there was a parent who had to leave with a screaming kid. It’s a 4d show, and there’s plenty of humor in it, but I guess it can be scary. I thought it was fantastic. I’d work it in if you can.

Not sure if TP can re-work your walking, but the area that has triceratop spin and primevil whirl also has a bunch of carnival type games. So, you can spend some time, (and money, of course) doing triceratop spin, and playing a few games.

I’d do bug in a heartbeat, though. It was funny, and fantastic. Short walk, but worth it, and it should fit in that time-slot perfectly, I think.

I’m also trying NOT to say that Tamu-Tamu has Dole Whips, but I would SOOO get one! I thought theirs were a little sweeter than Aloha Aisle - just sayin’.

I will play around with the TP, and see if I can add triceratop spin. I didn’t get a dole whip last visit. it is on my list to rectify for this visit, for sure!! :slight_smile:

Does this look better? Is 30 min in the Boneyard too much/not enough?

We didn’t do Boneyard - left it out of our plan. I’ll leave that to someone else for time suggestions.

You should have plenty of time to snag a dole whip between 8 and 9, even though it’s a little bit of a backtrack. (sorry, I love Dole Whips. Tamu doesn’t do floats though - just beware.)

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But Tamu DOES do DWs with rum… :slight_smile:

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I purposely only got the Dole Whip. I can’t even imagine how many with rum I could have.

I think you’ll use up that spare 30 mins at lunchtime, it is low crowds but you’re eating at 1pm, unless you’re just planning to take the food away with you? We have allowed about 30 mins for boneyard, I imagine they’ll want to stay longer, but we’ve never been to any playground however small that they wanted to leave. (I wrote this message days ago, but my internet must have gone down when

I think 1 PM lunch might be a bit early for us anyway. We can grab lunch anywhere between 1-3 and I won’t be disappointed about the plan if it shifts 15-30 min.

I would plan 45 minutes for lunch. If you beat that kudos. M&G with King Louie and Baloo is another option right near Y&Y QS and FoW, but I think you are going to be pressed for time adding anything else in especially without using FPP for M&G w/ Mickey and Minnie.

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