AK TP help on a 10/10 fay

Our AK day went from CL 4 to CL 10 in the big January CL switch. I know a good TP will let us enjoy our day to the maximum so I need some help.

Below is our current plan. The biggest benefit to this plan is riding EE before lunch. Last visit to EE was in 2010 and DS (then 9) Yak’d on the Yeti after a big snack. Hoping not to repeat that performance. But he’s a coaster buff now and I anticipate he’ll want to ride multiple times if he has the chance.

The downside is we have a lot of park crossing. This will be day 5 of 6 straight park days with the night before having stayed up for MK DAH. So, we’re going to be tired. I can’t say we will be reliable for a true RD that morning.

What do you think about trying to switch EE and Safari FPP? We could go right to EE and ride on SB if line is short and the ride again with FPP before heading to safari.

Or I could even move EE to later in afternoon and really try to just move counterclockwise all day.

Any input is greatly appreciated!


Even if you’re not there super early for RD, you could probably go right to EE and the wait should be reasonable.
All the masses run to Pandora.
We did that last June…
Got there a little late just at RD and tried Pandora, but turned around at the crowd and went to Asia which was not crowded at all.

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Great! That might be our plan.

Indeed, it’s a lot of walking.
From your plan, it looks like:
Africa - Asia - Africa - Asia - Africa - Pandora - Asia - DinoLand - Pandora

If you want to ride EE twice, get an early Safaris adn reduce your walking time (you said you would already be tried), it would try this:

RD - EE (as @tuffgong said, lines for EE are not that bad even if you arrive a little late)
Maharajah Trail (early is better, like the Safaris)
KS (FP+)
Tam Tam
FotLK (11:00 show)
Tusker (11:40 to 1:00)
Gorilla Trail
FoP (FP+ at 2:00)
EE (FP+ at 2:45)
Nemo (3:30 show)
Tough to be a Bug
Na’Vi at park closure

We were there last March and crows weren’t out of control.
Have a nice trip !


Thanks! Sadly Maharajah doesn’t open until 10 and we’ll probably need 30 minutes there as DD14 is crazy for monkeys. Here’s what I came up with.


Forgot that the trails may open after park opening…

I think your plan looks great with the modifications !

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Plan looks good, though it is a long day after a late night