AK TP help needed?

Sooo AK is a little spread out, not sure if I screwed up in the FPP that I secured or what, but I’m having a hard time making the plan work. Any help is appreciated


I feel like your plan is super-packed. Would you consider dropping a few low priority attractions?

My choice would be leaving It’s tough to be a bug and Up shows out.

Also, your KR FPP is not used in the plan. Perhaps try optimizing with ‘force to use FPP’ option on?

Do you have to go to It’s Tough to be a Bug? My kids hated it, and it would save you 45 min. Also you are only using 2 FPP’s can you get one for KRR at around 1pm? Or even an evening FPP for either Dinosaur or EE?

For me I have found that it works better to mess around with the steps myself rather than to use the Force FPP option.

I also just realized this has you getting to Rainforest cafe super late, for what I assume is a reservation and ariving at the Nemo show after its done for the day) I would go ahead and start a totaly new plan that has everything you Have to do first, Optimize that and then add the things that make the most sense in the available time slots.(sorry for the 3 replies)

I like arranging the steps myself, but if there are actual FPP times already booked, I would force optimize first and then move some steps until the plan makes sense to me.

With Aug 16 date on the plan, I am assuming these are actual fpp times. They do make sense, except too much planned before KR window opens.

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Looking at your plan I would take out one of the trails (Gorilla or Maharajah), also the timing for the Meet & Greet seems off (we needed a fastpass) because it has good interactions it takes longer than expected.

So assuming you want to get all of this in before lunch, this is where I would make some changes (Disclaimer: I’m not sure this is a great idea to do with small kids if you have little ones that make it tricky to move quickly):

  • Get there early so that you can get on NRJ right around 9. I would actually take this one off my plan, plan to arrive at the park 30 before opening, and then start my plan at 9:15 knowing that I will have RD’d NRJ and gotten it done likely shortly after opening.
  • My goal would be to tap into FOP at 9:45, using the grace period. Doing that could let you get up to KS by about 10:15/25 to do the GF trails before KS rather than after. Then, you’ll be able to go straight from KS and hopefully make the 11:00 FOTLK… it will be tight and you’ll have to cross fingers for no giraffic jams on KS. If you miss the 11:00 go have a look around the DI trails or do ITTBAB depending on time, and then head back for 12 (If this second scenario ends up happening you’ll run into problems with your Y&Y ADR and trying to make KRR happen with the FPP. Modify it in that case. If you can modify for later now and just plan to do it right after lunch, it would probably be a good idea)
  • Sticking with your current FPP, from 11:00 FOTLK, go over to KRR to use your FPP then dry off on the MJT. Then you’re ready for lunch.

At this point, I would try to see if you can get a FPP for EE, Dino, or Pals for right after lunch. After you use it, try for the next one, and so on.

I would aim to see UP at 3:30 and Nemo at 4:30.

Alternatively, if you get to AK 30/40 minutes before opening, I think you could likely get on NRJ perhaps even shortly before 9 and get up to KS to ride it with little wait. You MIGHT even be able to make the 10AM FOTLK show before heading back down to Pandora to ride FOP. If you did this, though, I’m betting you would not really have time to do the GF trail unless you are willing to backtrack for it.

In general, AK is the only park where I actually use the times guide because the show times make it tricky to get around without backtracking, particularly if there are shows that are top priority. Having the times guide in my pocket helped a lot on the last trip to figure out what I could fit in where when I had to make some decisions in park.


We waited around 25 minutes for Adventures Outpost with a Fastpass!

So did we!! That’s why the timing doesn’t seem correct on OP TP plan.
@cjandres has some great suggestions

I don’t know about your family, but 45 minutes for a table service meal sounds awfully optimistic to me. I also don’t see any bathroom breaks. I suspect you’re going to have to cross something off your list. Even if you magically find a way to fit it all in, how will your family feel about rushing around all day to get everything done?

I mostly came to see what the experts say, but here’s what I see from looking at your TP and map:

Putting Up! and Nemo back to back is always going to give you dead time in between.

If you move KRR and Maharajah to after lunch, you’ll make your reservation without adding any walking. It looks like modifying your KRR fastpass could save a bunch of time.

Would it be possible to move EE and/or Dinosaur to after dinner? What does it look like if you move Rainforest Cafe up to slot 13, then Dinosaur, then Everest? I’m guessing the wait times would be shorter then, and you’d have more time to try for same day fastpasses.

Alternatively, get those two done in the afternoon, but skip Adventure Outpost and ITTBAB until after dinner (warning: I haven’t checked the hours for Adventure Outpost). You do all your Discovery Island stuff at once, and then head over to ROL.

I was going to say no way to dinner in 45. I’d allow a minimum of 60 minutes but 90 is better. You often aren’t seated right away to start.

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Excellent info from everyone! Greatly appreciated, I will look to tweak and see what I can come up with

@cjandres could you just either do my TP for me or just come along and be a personal guide!?! LOL, thanks a ton for the help!!!

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: hey if anyone wants to pay my way to Disney, I’m there!

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