AK TP for Sept 2016

I have been planning since last summer and been going back & forth adjusting my itinerary for AK. If I can get some thoughts & ideas on my TP, it would be so great. I think it’s pretty good, although there is always room for improvement. :wink:

It is driving me crazy not knowing about ROL hoping I’m not the only one. So ready to make my ADRs, FP, and finalize ROL. Then I can split my plan for morning & evening.

Also, this trip is a short first time for AKL & AK (9/25-9/28, 9/29), and possibly exploring EP resort area & BroadWalk on one extended evening for a future trip in 2018. It will be DH, DS19 & myself. DS19 is pretty flexible & wants to ride a few rides.

What do you think?


It looks great! Nm I right that you are prepared to move that Safari FP to something else if not needed?

Can you adjust FP right before you use it if it’s not needed? How does that work?

Before you scan your MB you go into MDE and “change a experience for a new experience or time”- very easy.

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First, you are going to LOVE AKL. We stayed there for the first time in 2014 when a fantastic sale coincided with a small windfall and made it all possible. We just went again in November and had every intention of staying somewhere else ------ but in the end we swapped back to AKL. It is just incredible. We hope to buy DVC there at some point.

Now to your TP:

RE: FotLK - FPP is really not necessary there. There are no bad seats whatsoever as it is a theater in the round and seating is all on risers (so it’s tough to get someone blocking you unless you’re a small child) and the seats up in back are just as fantastic as the seats down in front. The main benefit from FPP is that you have a better chance of getting down low near the floor which increases the odds of you being selected to participate in the show. You will easily make your TH reservation even if sitting in back and exiting more slowly as the theater and restaurant are steps from each other.

I think Nemo is a better use of the FPP you might consider changing from FotLK. That theater is huge and a more traditional theater layout so while there are no bad seats, being up closer would be better.

I would consider moving the whole Conservation Station thing to when you’re already in that area. I love AK but it is not an easy park to criss cross and things are EXTREMELY far from one another, though they may not look so on the map. I personally would not want to be going from Nemo alllllllll the way back over for Conservation Station. Maybe get Nemo FPP for later in the day?

I’m going to go play with what you have listed and see what I can come up with for you.

Okay here is what I came up with. This plan has you doing a LOT less criss-crossing and groups things by area.

I did remove a few items. I did not include are the Baloo and Louie M&G (since it was a 2nd choice item) and the Y&Y food trucks at 5:30.

ITTBAB is at risk but it is a “skip it if necessary” on your original plan so that should be okay with you. And the Discovery Island trails you can probably wander around in for a little bit (if they are not blocked off and attended by a CM) even after 5pm.

I changed your FPP too. You’ll get more mileage out of a KRR than a FotLK pass, trust me. And you’ll need one for meeting the pals at adventurers outpost or you might miss out on them. You won’t have a chance at a 4th pass, but I really don’t see how you’ll need one with waits showing as they are.

I can’t figure out how your plan is allowing things past 5pm if park closing is that time and your plan is set from 8a-5p. If you can make that work by all means add the items back in that I deleted. Otherwise see how you like this:

AK 9/26 For A Friend

Thanks, I didn’t know that. If everything works well, I’ll move my FP for Nemo@3.

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I’m thinking about skipping Rafiki’s Planet Watch Station altogether. I do not think the petting zoo & hospital will be our cup of tea since we live in the country around farms. lol It would be like visiting family next door. Unless you think we ought to go on the train ride to see the characters. But it would be alright for us to skip it.

I’d like to use the FP on KS & FoLK to time it right for the trails to do in between. I’m thinking if I can get right on, I’ll reschedule the FP to Nemo@3. Is there any wait for FoLK? I’ll make sure we sit in the back. Great tip! Not to sure about KRR. Is it a must? I just didn’t want to be wet, although I thought about it maybe in the evening.

TP is allowing me to use the breaks & meals after park close. It will not allow me to add park activities after. It’s pretty nice!

I’ll play with it and repost updated TP when I’m done. THANKS!!!

I think skipping Rafiki is probably a smart move. I like the train ride back and forth and it certainly is interesting out that way, but it’s not something I’m unhappy if I miss. That will buy you back a significant amount of time.

Which trails are you wanting to do between KS and FotLK? Pangani?

For crowd levels you’re looking at, you should make it in to the theater for FotLK without issue. We did NOT use FPP on a CL5 last November (you are looking at CL5 as well) and arrived maybe 10 minutes before the doors opened and we got in fine. And about a billion people came in after us, too. I just think FPP is not useful in FotLK and if you ask around I think many would agree.

KRR is a WICKED fun ride but you are GOING TO GET WET. Let me find a photo of my DD after we rode a few years ago. You can poncho up and that will help but you won’t stay 100% dry. I thought you had a locker pit-stop on there so as to store dry things you could put on after you rode. I guess I misunderstood?

I have moved some things around based on your feedback. It doesn’t really affect your bottom line/end of day stuff. So IMO it is better the other way. Unless I have misunderstood which trails you’re wanting to do b/w KS and FotLK.

Related: I’m curious why you really want to do the trails between those two instead of after lunch?

Edited plan

Pangani Trials between KS & FoLK. How long does the trail take? I was going to do it after lunch on a previous TP along with Rafiki’s, but the timing for Meet & Greet & shows were off a little. We like staying really busy in the morning and more relaxed the later it gets without rushing. I wanted a some time later just in case we’d like to go back to AKL for a break before ROL, plus my evening is still up in the air until WDW releases times of ROL or closures. I guess I’m kinda keeping it open a little until finalizing.

CL5 on 9/25. I might reconsider the FP on FoLK. Would I have enough time if I arrived right at opening after KS & the Pangani Trial by 10am? What area in seating fills the quickest if I’m looking for the back to seat?

I was getting a locker for a few other things later that afternoon for ROL and just in case it rains. It would be a good idea to take extra outfit & ride KRR. I’m thinking about working it in now. The ride reminds me of I ride I road at Opryland (in Tennessee) many years ago called the Grizzly River Rampage & it was fun. I think DS would really love it too.

I was wondering your thinking for Discovery Island later in the day instead of walking through on the way to see Mickey and Divine. How long does the walk take?

Okay I put the trails back to after lunch. It just makes more sense. You’re going to be plenty busy in the morning; I’m not sure why it would seem that you wouldn’t be by moving the trails to after lunch. You will have a less PRESSURED morning and you won’t feel like you have to “exit quickly” or “walk with purpose” for anything. You’ll just enjoy the day more.

Also, by removing Rafiki and the trains you ended up with 64 minutes of free time after Divine and before Nemo. That should be a good amount of time to do some character meets (Dug etc) so I’ve moved those up to fill in that hour. You still have some play there, too. Depending on the character greets you could consider doing the Discovery trails, too - especially if you FPP Nemo so you weren’t rushed in getting over there for seating.

Now your plan allows ITTBAB and gives a little bit more free time too.

One more try at it :wink:

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I suppose you could do the Discovery Trails on the way from Pangani to Divine. I, personally, have not done them, but my family did while waiting for me to use the parent swap for Everest and enjoyed it. That said, they weren’t still in there when I met up with them so I’d say they spent about 15 minutes tops?

Arriving AT 10a.m. would be way too close for my comfort. Hence Pangani after lunch :wink: You might make it - but you could just as easily be shut out; they won’t let you in once the doors are shut. I wouldn’t want that kind of stress.

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Thank you, you’ve helped alot! Now to wait for ROL :smile:

Do you know any good activities at AKL for adults to enjoy?

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You’re welcome. No countdown for me just now so doing these TP tweaks is the most fun I get to have for a bit :wink:

We were there with our small kids, so not really. Though I have heard great things about the private-ish safari that leaves from the resort.

OBNurseNH - You mentioned the Conservation Station wasn’t all that interesting. We’re putting it in our plan for this year because we’ve never done it. For us, Kali will be closed and we’ve already got the Safari in our plan twice, so we thought we’d give it a try. My kids are preteens, but not into multiple iterations of EE or Character meets. We’ve done the shows other years and no one’s really up for them again.

Do you think the Conservation Station’s worth it for something different?

Jambo or Kidani? My son loves Victoria Falls at night. There are multiple hot tubs, night viewing googles, the fire pit…

We’re staying at Jambo, but plan to visit both sides on a resort day.

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I haven’t really explored Kidani but every time I am at Jambo it seems I find some new treasure- enjoy!

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I’m really excited to take advantage of some of the activities & relax. I thought maybe the culinary tour & folktales might be good. I’d like to walk around Kidani & pick up bread service at Sanaa lounge.

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