AK TP feedback - UPDATED

… so I am feeling overwhelmed with my Disney planning.

We are traveling with two kids DD5 and DS2.5

This will be my first time to AK so I don’t know the park at all. DH and I decided that if our DD5 can’t ride the ride, we are not going to plan for it. We’ll ride it if we get a day of FPP.

Here is my plan but I have a HUGE chunk of time unaccounted for in the middle of the day. So much so that our FOLK FPP is not even being used for the plan.

Would love your feedback of what I should add and or just your thoughts on the plan in general.

THANKS so much in advance:https://touringplans.com/plans/2961507

One option is to go to Rafiki’s Planet Watch but DH is not excited about that idea.

We cannot view your plan.

I think you have to make it public.

Sorry, done!

Once you’ve done it you need to share the new url it will give you in the body of the plan at the top (it will say something like “you have published this plan, or this plan is published”).

Sorry everyone, finally figured it out:

I would put a minimum of 90 minutes for Tusker House, and maybe 2 hours. I’ve never had to wait less than 20 minutes after checking in for our reservation, and the character meet and greet slows down the meal quite a bit, even though it’s buffet.

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Also (and this is before FOP), we’ve never been able to make a whole day at the park. Even showing up at a leisurely 9:30 am, we left at 3 pm.

A lot of the things on your list aren’t set times, and may take up more time if your kids are interested. My daughter spent an hour at the boneyard one year. She spent 30 min brushing goats at Rafiki’s Planet Watch one year. I wouldn’t want to rush something if the kids really got into it, so I don’t know that I would stress so much about the free time.


I agree with @cbalusek

The Boneyard can eat up a lot of time.
I also find that moving at AK is slower than in the other parks.

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My first comment is that in my experience, the Gorilla and Tiger trails take way more than 20 minutes. Maybe if you walk down turn round and walk back. Not if you stop to watch the hippos swimming, look in the little museum and ooh and aaah at the tiger cubs.

Ditto the trails on Discovery Island.

And there’s the Boneyard, which the kids will love and you’ll need something, like ice cream, to lure them out of in less than 45 minutes.

Maybe also think about the Wilderness Explorer’s badges. The CMs are great at adapting things for little ones, and you can do it as you go round the park, as much or as little as you like. Then hang onto the book and carry on the next trip.

You could also just take the train out and back to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. There’s a petting zoo and you may even see vets at work. Either way, they might enjoy the train ride.

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Thank you all SO much for feedback. I told my DH last night this is the BEST money I have spent for Disney :slight_smile:

I updated my plan, would love to see what you think of it. I am a little worried that I am leaving hardly any time for Nemo which I want to see. The only thing I can think of shaving to build in more is the Valley of Mo’ara.

What else did I not get right:


Good plan in my opinion. But one word of caution, Its tough to be A Bug easily can scare kids - my son when he was 8 got really upset when all the smoke came into the crowd. He also got scared when his chair poked him in the back. Enjoy your trip!

As an alternate point of view, my kids were 5 and 7 the first time we did It’s Tough to be a Bug, and they loved it. We still watch it every trip, and they are teenagers now. They found it funny, but have to admit more kids in the theater are screaming due to being scared than shrieking with laughter (like my two do). Maybe my kids have a twisted sense of humor? :laughing:

Ok I will keep It’s tough to be a bug for last just in case we want to ditch it and trade it in for a 4th FPP.

Does the Mo’ara trail take about 15 mins to complete?

You seem to be bouncing across the park a few times. Have you tried re ordering your steps to streamline them?

We had no issues our other touring days but AK wiped us out with how big it was.


We rode triceratops spin like 5 times in a row. They loved that one. And there are some fun kid carnival games right around there that they loved playing. Agree with the PP that you are jumping around the park a lot. You may want to consolidate to the areas. It’s a lot of walking.

I would leave a bit more time for Pandora exploitation. Great pic spots and my kids loved banging on the drums there plus running around to hear which rocks were making noise, plus the gift shop.

Can you pick up your Wilderness Explorer book on your way from FoP to Kilimanjaro safari? And then do the jungle trek right after (or before, if you’re on the early side of the FP window for KS)? That would prevent you from crossing back over to that area of the park again. Same with if you could hit the Discovery trails on your way back down to Pandora. Just some thoughts…I haven’t actually been to AK in almost 20 years and remember almost nothing about it except for DINOSAUR, which is kinda hard to forget… So take the advice of people who have been there recently first! :slight_smile:

Yes, I would LOVE to be able to pick up the book earlier I just thought I had to do it at 10:00 since that’s when it says it “opens.” Can I do it before?

You seem to be hitting all the good stuff. But it looks like you have almost no free time and short walk times. I see you have scheduled long times for the trails so maybe that will help pace you. AK is big. That is the one big difference in touring AK and touring MK. MK, you can hop off one attraction and be in line for the next one in 2 minutes. Not the case in AK. I usually set my TP to relaxed or super slow walking speed especially for AK (and Epcot actually) and then I don’t have to build in potty breaks, stopping for a cup of water, playing the drums, getting a photopass picture, etc and it can be a bit more spontaneous. This has been true of my trips with toddlers and teens albeit for different reasons. Just my 2 cents