AK TouringPlan Review

Now I have my fast passes and am closing in on my dates, I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my AK TP, please. I’m worried that it might be too much in a hot part of day. I don’t want to get there at RD, though, as we’ll have a late night the day before, and I don’t want to stay late, as we have an early morning the next day.

Kids are 5 and 8, and we will have a stroller for the 5 year old. It’s the kids, DH, and myself, and we’re not athletes, so I’m trying to pace ourselves with walking, etc. This is our first full day in the parks, so only day 2 of vacation. I figured we’ll have a bit more energy this early in the trip.


Do you think I have too much on there? Anything I have planned that could be dropped? Would you change anything?


In response to comments, I’ve put together an AM/PM plan with a break in the middle.
AM: Disney and Universal Touring Plans
PM: Disney and Universal Touring Plans

After reading comments, I’m still not sure which one to go with, lol. I wish my FPPs would allow for either for me to decide on the fly, but I need to decide which set of FPPs to do. This is really the only day of the trip I’m this conflicted.

I don’t see your TP? See if you can post the link. Guessing that you will be there in the summer though, and AK will be hotter than the surface of the sun in the middle of the day. I highly recommend morning or evening hours. Nap during the middle of the day. You will thank me! We were there last weekend on Saturday and it was so crazy hot, and it will only get worse this time of year, unfortunately.

Ooops! I added it, lol. Thanks.

The heat was my concern, I just am worried we’ll be so exhausted from traveling the day before, and then going to MK at night, that we wouldn’t have to leave the hotel by 8. I originally had pre-rd ADRs at TK, too, but canceled that as I thought it was just going to be too early to get everyone out the door.

We are staying at AKL, though, so maybe a midday break wouldn’t be so bad.

Here’s a few things that concern me, just my thoughts as someone who has been many times:

  1. The safari in the middle of the day. Most of the animals will be trying to avoid the heat and will not be active. You will have a better experience in the morning or at dusk.
  2. There are generally rain and thunderstorms every afternoon in July, usually around 3 pm. Fine if you are resting at your resort, not so much fun when you are in the park.
  3. For Nemo, 5 minutes before show time will not get you a seat. Plan in 20 min before at least. Everyone in the park will be looking to get out of the heat.
  4. You probably need to drop something in the morning to make lunch in time to make the 1pm Nemo show.

I also noticed that you only have 30 minutes scheduled for lunch at 12:10. I doubt that you will make it to your next stop on time. During peak lunch times you could be in line that long at some restaurants.

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Thanks, everyone. I reevaluated a few things, and decided to try it with splitting the day in half. That leaves me with an AM plan and a PM plan.

Does this look more realistic, with a few hours back at the hotel in the middle?


This looks very good! The only thing you might want to think about, is your kids’ potential reaction to It’s tough to be a bug. I have read several reports saying kids 8 years old and under often freak out there. My son is 7, and just said “I won’t go there!” when I explained the show to him (and I really like this attraction myself!). So we’ll skip it when we go to Disney in October.

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I think this looks like a good plan! It will be a long day but you’ll be done early and then can head back to hotel for swimming and relaxing for the evening. Your attractions are nicely grouped. I think you’ll do well with this.

ITTBAB is a 4D experience, so things touch you and such in addition to flying at you in 3D. It can be overwhelming for some people, even adults :wink: My hubs won’t go in.

Good call on the bugs. DS5 is on the autism spectrum, and that might really freak him out. I went to it last time I was there (ahem, 17 years ago, lol), and loved it, but hadn’t thought about the 4D part.


So the split plan I posted further down in the comments, do you think, or the early evening? I just can’t decide, lol!

The split plan, definately! :blush: You will be miserable in the park all day without a midday break to cool off. Pool and nap time! :smile:

I’ll be the dissenting opinion here. I have two very “mild” spectrum kids, 5 & 7, who love WDW and have a high tolerance for crowds and chaos and plans changing on the fly. But what we’ve found is that “less is more”: we really REALLY enjoy fewer things rather than trying to check everything off the “bucket list”. If we have a late night the night before, we just wind up with everyone miserable if we try to get the whole crowd motivated for RD.
I think I’d consider going from 2 or 3 pm to 8 pm evening, starting with shows (Nemo and FOLK) if it’s really hot out and with FPP for some mix of shows, KS and EE (if your kids aren’t chickens like mine). My kids hated Rafiki’s planet watch (found it boring) so we’ll never go there again, but apparently some kids really love it. The boneyard is a must-do for my crowd, and close to Nemo.

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When will the AK Touring Plan be updated for the new hours at AK ? I just tried to customize a plan, and it still stops at 5 PM even tough the touring hours went to 11 PM.

They update as the park hours change on disney website. I think they are only extended through august right now.

The plan I was trying to make was dated today. It showed the correct park hours. I changed my plan hours to match the park hours. I brought in a one day plan and hit optimize. The last activity was at 4:30 ish.