Ak touring plan

So I am very new at this and could use a little help. My fast pass day is quickly approaching and I have started to look at the touring plans. Basically I used the already done touring plan for small children available online and just added a few rides/meals.
the plan has my family done around 5 despite the park being open until 7. It also says that I may be rushed for time and end up late for some things. Can you look and let me know what you think or how to change things?

Thanks so much!!

I think you are getting that warning because the TP software likes you to be in line for a show for a minimum of 15 minutes prior. Your Flights of Wonder shows you in line for only 12 minutes. Still probably plenty of time, just a heads up.

If I were you, I would try for a Dinosaur FP in the afternoon so you don’t have to walk from the Safaris all the way to Dinoland and then back to Discovery Island only to come back to Dinoland later in the day.

Also, if any of your party would be interested in riding Everest, you are missing that from your plan.

I would also try to see the first showing of Festival of the Lion King at 10 so you don’t have to trek back to Africa in the afternoon.

How large is your party? I was just there yesterday. I had one eight year-old and two teenagers. I think your plan is do-able for older kids like mine, but I have to say, we were only their five hours and we were exhausted. We are passholders and had work in the morning and took off the afternoon for AK.

1:00 Arrive at the park
1:05 Loaded tram
1:10 Arrived at gate, went to the restroom, rented wheelchair (16 y/o had a broken toe)
1:17 Rented locker by Kali River Rapids, and used restroom.
1:25 Got in line for Kali River Rapids (had fast pass)
1:30 Rode Kali
1:50 Walked to Dinoland and used restroom
2:00 Got in line for Primeval Whirl
2:30 Rode Primeval Whirl
2:45 Got in line for Triceratops spin
3:00 Rode Triceratops Spin
3:10 Walked to Everest
3:15 Got in line for Everest (Fast Pass)
3:30 Walked to lockers and got our belongings out since we didn’t plan on going back to that part of the park.
3:45 Arrived in Africa and walked around a few minutes and decided to do Lion King
4:00 Lion King
4:45 Headed over to Marambe Market and ate a snack out of our own bags while waiting for our Safari Fast Pass (we were exhausted at this point)
5:00 Got in line for Safari. The fast pass line was 15 minutes.
5:15 Rode Safari
5:40 Walked the Gorilla Falls
6:15 Decided we were exhausted and decided to go home.
6:30 left the park

The crowd level was at a 7:00 and it was moderately hot. You will be able to do a little more than we were but if you have little kids and if you have a stroller and lunch reservations I would say you probably will get in about as much as we did in the five hours we were there. We are active and have a lot of stamina but the crowd does steal your energy, so you won’t have our challenges, but I do think you need to pad another 10 minutes between each activity even with the low crowd level. I have found that AK always seems crowded no matter what the wait times on the rides when it comes to walking space and it is draining. I’ve been there a half dozen times this year.

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