AK touring plan - Tree of Life Awakenings

My touring plan lets me add Tree of Life awakenings and says it will be at 8:30 on a night when the park is said to close at 7:30. Do they think the park will be open later or will they let you mill around in the front until it starts? Just wondering how accurate it is…

When is your trip? Disney’s been very slow on scheduling late park hours. I haven’t even done a TP yet for my AK evening block in my Sept trip.

Tree of Life Awakenings is random, there’s no schedule for it.

we are planning to go Sept 22. I’ll just hope we catch it at the end of the day.

According to WDW site with AK new nighttime experiences:

“nighttime awakening experiences at the Tree of Life begin after dark and occur approximately every 10 minutes until the park closes.”