AK touring plan..optimizer doesn't use my Fast Passes

I am staying offsite so had to book 30 days out per day…

no ROL fp available.

And got what I could for the 3 recommended FP … Kali, Safari, and Dinosaur.

The optimizer doesn’t use any of these fast pass times…

do you all ignore the fastpasses or ignore the plan? Thanks. It is last week of march so supposed to be fairly busy but not easter week busy…

I’m wondering if I should remove the Kali fast pass and get an Expedition Everest…then arrive more like 10-11 and be more leisurely about it and use my fast passes…

I have Kali 1130
Dinosaur 105 [earliest available when i booked at 7am]
Safari 510 [earliest available when i booked at 7am]

EE is still showing FP available for afternoon…then I don’t have to do the rope drop run right?? or am I making it worse?

I want to see rivers of light and would like to see the tree of life awakenings but don’t know if i can do both since there will be a long line for ROL…

fyi there are no dining options for ROL …

The optimiser is saying that overall using your FP won’t save you time. Is it suggesting any? There is a box to tick to force it to use your FP so you could try copying the optimised plan and in the copy see how it looks if you force it to use the FP.

It would really help if you could share the plan here so we could look at it.

I chose the box under advanced options to force it to your Fast Passes. I am not confident on the crowd calendar prediction for our day and forced it to optimize using our fastpasses. I looked at the difference with and without the force and it was only a 14 min difference in wait times.

Tree of Life Awakenings is every 10 minutes of so after sunset so you should have time to see at least one show.

it did not suggest any FP, I will try to share the plan. Just cut and paste it? Thanks.

I haven’t done it but there’s a box to tick that says ‘publish this plan’. I believe that gives you an URL you can share.

I did the force optimizer. it still won’t do the safari. the wait time went down by 10 minutes but walk time went up.

it has safari first thing then whirl than EE all without FPs.

i screenshot the first plan. above. i’ll screenshot new plan next.

It’s too small on my phone but I’ll have a look tomorrow for you - it’s almost bedtime here!

sorry i screenshot them. couldn’t find publish only save and print

To publish your plan, go up to the top of your plan and find the “Edit” button. Toward the bottom, of the edit window, you should see a box to check to Publish your plan. Click the save button. When your TP reloads with the edited options, there will be a link at the top of your plan to share if you want to show your plan with others.

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Did you get your safari FP already? You plan to ride safari in 9:11 AM? Do you see the map below your plan, your step in the plan will let you just turning around and around. Maybe you should change some order of the steps to decrease your walk time and let the system accept your FP.

this is my issue…first screenshot is the plan that TOURING PLANS created for me…

the 2nd is the plan when i forced it to use the fast passes but it did not use my safari fast pass… i think i have safari at 510 FP river at 1130 and dinosaur at 105pm…

touringplans generated the order for both plans…shouldn’t they make them logical? i’m frustrated…

I suggest you can pick a Fastpass of safari around 2:30 PM and

  1. add more attractions during 10:00 to 11:30 AM.
  2. Take lunch after rapid river
    It will save your time and decrease your walk load

the earliest i got at 7am was 510pm…

That’s very simple, you just see the lion king show at 4:00PM or 5:00 PM, and take the ride at 5:35 PM