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I just evaluated my TP and moved some things around for 9/29. I know @len updated the opening time for KS a few weeks ago. Now its showing opening at 9am. I just checked MDE and it’s shows an opening at 8am. Anyone know which is correct? Thanks!

From my understanding, it is day by day. Sometimes it opens during EEMH, sometimes not. When I learned this I moved my KS from rope drop to a FP at sunset. I can’t handle the uncertainty…

My understanding is that it was only the EMH that was in question. Let’s just say I am pretty sure I evaluated a few days ago and it was fine at 8am, then last night it started showing at 9. But I saw several other times that were different than MDE for the trails and such.

I don’t have FPP for AK so that’s why I am freaking out! :rofl:

While WDW does expand their published hours they rarely reduce them - especially less than 2 weeks out. If you were looking 30+ days out, maybe, I’d be concerned

Currently, as I’m sure you’ve seen, WDW is publishing the AK hours as EMH starting at 7am with park opening at 8am.

I would go with those hours. The next update to the Touring Plans system is scheduled for 10/3/19.

Right, which is my concern for my plan on 9/26. Everything is pointing to Safari being open at 8am (including verifying on MDE this morning at 8:08 that it was open) but TP has it as 9am. I am trying to fit a Caring for Giants tour in and I was hoping to use a TP to help me figure out what time to do it at. I am a planner and I follow my TP pretty much to a T, so this is giving me heartburn not knowing as I am 9 days out from my trip!

And I’ve been on the Safari before at 8am so unless there’s something really crazy going on that day, there’s not reason why it wouldn’t be open.

I should have be more clear. I’m saying that TP is not updated and doesn’t have the correct times for that date. The next update isn’t until 10/3/19. You should follow WDW hours.

I, too, love my plans and follow them to the minute as well. :grinning:

TP didn’t get good data during those the last week of Aug / first 10 days of Sept because of the irregularities of SWGE opening / EEMH / Hurricane Dorian. So, they are busy trying to get up-to-date data and putting it all in the next update

TP Statistician Steve Bloom did a YouTube Live discussing the delays and other upcoming crowd calendar events late last week.

:rofl: This made me laugh, but I am very sorry for your indigestion!

FYI…I am going to AK on Monday (9/23) and I have a Safari Fastpass for 8:05 A.M. So I am presuming it opens at least by 8:00 A.M. on that day…

Thanks to all, I get it, I just wished it hadn’t been moved to an opening at 9am. If I had just left my plan alone and not evaluated I’d be good. HA!
It’s been a day at work so I was probably grumpy earlier when I replied. Sorry to you fine folks! I was sitting here thinking have you ever had one of those days where you wished you were flying to Disney like now instead of in 9 days. First world problems I realize, but this morning was interesting at work.
I will be much better in 9 days!

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It even shows a FP available for 9/26 in the app on 8:05am. :slight_smile:
@len - change it back please! LOL

LOL, glad I could make you laugh! Because I had fumes coming off my head this morning …for other reason’s not this. I was thinking can’t this one thing just be right please, pretty please! :slight_smile:

Yes. Park opening is 8am on 9/29/19. EMH is at 7am.

My next WDW countdown is 806 days, so I totally get it.

I just don’t think I could have a countdown that long. I think the longest I have had was around 400 ish maybe.Anything longer and I just don’t countdown.

I went back in late April / early May this year. I’m waiting until everything is open for the 50th Anniversary - especially Tron!!

I’m going to DLR for the first time in 368 more days, for the first time, to hold me over. So, my WDW countdown isn’t too bad with that coming next year.

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We’re going to have to come up with a better way to handle KS’ opening time. I’ll change it back for now.

Len you are the best!! Thank you!

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