AK touring plan help please

Can someone offer some feedback on these AK touring plans? We will be there two partial days over our 9 day stay. I feel like the current plan has us bouncing all over the park, but the limited hours of multiple attractions + the lack of any morning shows makes planning really difficult. My kids are all under the age of 6.

The first day is a late start after MVMCP the night before. I am not attached to going to ROL. Since the night before is late, we’ll just leave after Nemo if everyone is wiped out. I feel like if I could shift our TH ADR earlier it would simplify this plan a lot. I’ve got an alert set.

The second day is the next day, with AM EMH hours. We won’t come back to a park this night as we will be packing to switch hotels the next morning:

I’d like to try to fit these things in plus UP! over the course of these 2 days. I just can’t seem to come up with a good plan. Any feedback or suggestions you all have would be appreciated!

Your plans are “perfect”… too perfect to be precise. You have no breaks between attractions. At some point, especially with small children, someone is going to need to pee! (or want a drink / get distracted / etc…)

You may need to cut or adjust attractions to make this happen. I suggest at least a 10 minute break every 90 minutes, preferably at least 15 minutes.

Plan #4 AK – I really don’t see you being able to do all the shows. Your plan has to hit every step with no delays or breaks and run perfectly. (Unfortunately, “real life” gets in the way too often!)

You’ll probably need to cut one of these – Animal Encounters, Animation Experience or Nemo

Until you decide it’s hard to continue evaluating this plan.

Plan #5 AK – has the same issues with no breaks and everything running too perfectly. You’ll need to decide which you want to do in the morning - Gorilla Trail or FotLK show. With you leaving at 3pm with all these other attractions in place I don’t see a way to fit in the UP! Bird Show. The next show you could see is at 3:30pm

Please feel free to comment or give feedback about this. I’m glad to help

Your plans look good to me. My only comment is that Animation class seem to be suitable for older kids and adults. During the class you need to follow instructions and I am not sure if kids under 6 will be able to keep up.

This is only based on videos I saw. If anyone has first hand experience, please correct me.

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Depending on how much your kids like playgrounds, 30 minutes may not be enough time for the Boneyard. That’s always been the hardest for me to get kids to come out of. If it were me I’d say do Triceratops Spin twice and skip the Boneyard, because kids seem to always want to do that one twice anyway.

My concern is the 75 minutes for both Tiffins and Tusker House.

It may be enough, but I always like to allow 90 minutes for a meal and not having a deadline immediately after it, like a show with a fixed time.

As for Up, I would just do the 3:30pm show. Unless of course you have can’t-miss plans for that evening, like an ADR somewhere. It would knock your plans back an hour.

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My 5 year old loves stuff like this. She does “how to draw…” videos from Youtube pretty often. My thought was she & I will do the class then the younger kids can do the petting zoo or a potty break during the class.

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I made some updates & changes. I still don’t like the plans. I’m going to start fresh without ADRs and try to come up with a better plan for these two days…

Okay I made new version. I tried to make them more relaxed/chill. It feels more organized as we flow through the park & less chaotic I think.

Day 1: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3860853

Day 2: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3860852
-I am going to try to move my Tusker House breakfast up closer to 10:00 to allow more time before FOTLK. If I can’t & we miss the 12:00 show, we will do Kali & Maharajah then hit the 1:00 show.

What stuck out to me is that on the first plan, you have mom & dad take kids on Navi, while other party members do the FoP FP - in my experience the line for Navi is rarely short enough to get through in less than 45 minutes, so I fear that your FoP party will wind up waiting a long time for the Navi riders to get through. That said, I haven’t been there in December in a while, but years ago I do remember that CL were about average, so if anyone has been in December more recently and can correct me, by all means!

We will get RS for FOP. Mom & dad & kids have FP for Navi :slight_smile: