Ak Touring plan for 31st Dec, is TP now completely inaccurate at this point currently?


So Im not an expert so I could be hugely wrong but this just seems crazy to me?

31st Dec crowd level 10 and it has ne waiting 7 minutes to ride EE at 2 hours after park open.

and under 50 minutes to ride FoP at 10:54am.

Would any of you actually go into a trip assuming and basing your vacation on the current TP outputs?

FOP I don’t think is correct. But hard to say with EE. We rode it in 10 minutes an hour or so after park opening a few weeks ago. Maybe not 6 or 7 minutes, but it may not be too bad. AK is not going to be as busy as the other parks that day.

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If we get through that queue in 7 mins I’m donating £100 to touring plans. :+1:

It just feels like the whole thing is unbelievably short queue times for a level 10??

We know crowd level is based on expected queue length.
So if that day is a 10 and Everest is 7 minutes and FOP IS under an hour…

Well what crowd level would be given when as we all know EE can be 45 and Fop 240!

I’m sure they will be looking for the report back on this! I’m bookmarking this to pop up on 12/31 to ask you!!!

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Ha ha I will remember. According to my plan I will be done in AK by lunch and sitting around drinking mimosas! Lots of time to post then :joy:

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Oh this sounds nice!!!

I’d be willing to bet the wait times are off, as they’ve been recently. the observed times seem to be wrong too.

I was at AK yesterday and at some point FOP had a 225 minute wait time. If I remember correctly the prediction a week earlier was around 80 minutes and then adjusted to 140 at tops. EE had a posted wait time of at lest 90 minutes, TP registered only 75min.

Agreed! even Triceratop spin will be more than a 5 minute wait on new years eve i think.

If it helps, AK is a predicted 6 on the 31st. I will be there too!

Just to point out how far off these predictions seem: on Dec 31st 2019 AK was a CL6 according to TP. The park opened at 7AM and at 7:30 the posted wait time for FoP was 180 minutes. At 8AM it was 240 minutes.

EE is predicted 7 minutes 2 hours after park opening whereas in 2019 it was 50 minutes (went up to 95 that day)

2020 was a incomparable year - we are most likely back to 2019 capacity at this point

It will be interesting to see how the day goes. I definitely did not trust that 7 min EE!

But those rides are 2 years older by now and people are bored of them by now and skipping them so there’s that.


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I’m very excited to see how this works out. Will you time your actual waits, @stustaff ?

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Yes certainly will :slight_smile:

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Ok so 2 hours after park open, Everest queue posted a 30 but queue starts outside of the ride so I think at least 30!
Fop currently at 135.

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We are having a decent morning though
Did 8am start and we were in rope drop just to right of entry gates fairly far back.

Everest no queue ride 08:08

Everest ride 2 08:19 broke for 5 mins

Killimanjaro - 8:34 ride 8:46 off 9:12 loads of animals out

Gorillas walking

09:30 free pretzel!

9:59 dinosaur queue


Hooray! How?


Bought one for my son and always chat with CM and she said “here have a free pretzel and have a great day”’
Turns out it was deformed and had no eyes :smiley: still tasted good


I prefer pretzels not to look at me so that would be okay with me too!


My bookmark just went off in case you forgot to report back :wink:

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