AK Touring Plan 6/8/15

Hopefully I am posting this correctly - first attempt and my first time using Touring Plans.
We have been to WDW twice and will have 1 day at AK. Our first time using the new FP+ system so I am a little lost.
3 adults and one 7 year old
Does this look ok?


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Reposting link

Seems like some longer gaps in there. Use that time for the animal trails?

If you’re pretty sure you’ll arrive at park opening, then you could get away with not using FPP for Kilimanjaro Safaris, and then use that instead for Adventurers Outpost later in the day.

An alternative, if you’re pretty sure you want to ride Everest twice would be to go there first thing in the morning and ride once, then ride again using FPP (or, if just some people in the group want to ride, maybe ride again using the single rider line, though that may not be ideal of the 7 year old wants to ride again).

I think you could probably do more attractions in less time if you want, though if you want to explore Animal Kingdom at a more leisurely pace, then there are enough animal trails and smaller things to see that you can do that. I would caution that AK can be a tough walking park, with subtle hills and rougher terrain than you’ll find in the other parks (not to mention being a physically large space). Your plan has some doubling back across the park that might wear out the young legs in your group. You may wish to see what your plan looks like if you select “minimize walking” before clicking the “optimize” button.

@FlyerFan1973 just mentioned all the things I picked up on.

The two trails are awesome and I would agree they are good “filler”. I imagine your child would really like being up close to the animals on them. Also, Safari is my favorite. I usually RD safari then do it again with fpp. It is amazing how quickly the animals can appear and disappear between two trips. Last week about 9am there was no male lion, 20 minutes later on my next ride and I saw him actually climb a tree.

Would something like this work? I really would like to begin with Safari first. We dont have to do Everest again at the end but can do single riders w/ someone sitting w/ the 7 yr old. I doubt he will want to ride again.

The new link says I don’t have access to the plan 8-(

not sure what happened. see if this works http://touringplans.com/plans/1272045

Still doesn’t work. If a plan is “shared”, then there should be a link near the top of the page after the words “Share this link with anyone you want to view this plan:”. It should look like this, with a number after the equal sign: http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=.

If that’s not there, then click the “Edit” button and make sure there is a check next to “Publish This Plan?”

so sorry let me try again http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1272045

You might want to build some time in after KRR for drying off and perhaps even changing clothes.