AK to DS

We want to leave AK at Seven pm when it closes.
How long will it take by Uber to get to Disney Springs bearing in mind we are leaving at the end of the day.
We have a table reserved for seven-forty-five at Paddlefish.
Is this doable

Drive time is only about 15 minutes, from AK to DS. So as long as your uber arrives on time you’ll have plenty of time. Your other option is the using the Disney’s bus system. There is a Direct bus from AK to Springs that only runs after 4pm. The bus is only one way and arrives about every 20 minutes and I’d allow for a 30 minute ride time, but usually it’s not that long. If you are willing to leave just before 7pm the bus should get you to your destination before your reservation.

Here’s some info on Uber/Lyft you may find useful: