AK - Skip or Hoppers?

We (DH, DS6, DS4) are going to WDW in just over a week. Grandparents are with us for the first two days as well. We are only going for 4 park days. The trip is to test the waters and see how our kids enjoy it. We are expecting to do a longer trip in 2021 as part of a larger family trip so this trip isn’t a one and done. Currently we have EP (arrival day for about 5 hours), 1 full MK day, 1/2 MK day(?), and 1 full HS day. We are staying at AKL. DS6 is a huge Star Wars fan, but DS4 doesn’t really care.

I’ve been thinking about adding hoppers to our tickets so we can do AKL for a couple hours on our 1/2 MK day. We could also use it on the HS day for me and DS4 to head over when we finish TSL and a few other things at HS that interest him. CLs are low (i.e. 1 to 4) for most parks and days with AK at a 6 one of the days. Other factors: kids are too short for EE, don’t want to do Dinosaur, and only DS6 is tall enough for FOP. No FPs for AKL at this point. Both can do full park days at other theme parks without issues, but we haven’t done Disney so I don’t know if it will be the same.

Would you bother adding the hoppers or just skip AK this trip? I’d personally really like to see it, but I don’t know that it makes sense for the kids. It seems like it won’t be worth it with what our kids can enjoy at AK given their heights, especially since we are staying at AKL so they will get to see some animals there. I’m leaning toward just spending the extra time around the resort by the pool and doing various resort activities.

The answers will be entirely subjective on this one. Some people love AK, other’s, not so much.

We are in the latter category. Not that there aren’t things we love, and we definitely do AK when we go…but we usually do about 6 days.

Given your kids’ ages/heights, and the fact you are going back next year, I’d be inclined to skip it. Save the money and do something else with it.

Having said that, it is a beautiful park, with probably the best shows (FOTLK and Nemo) of all four parks. The other option would be to drop the 1/2 day MK and just do a full day at AK. Then again, since you are staying at AKL, you are seeing animals, so maybe that would be enough?

I’ll tag @OBNurseNH because I know she feels very strongly FOR AK, so I think you should hear her input, for sure!

If you are returning soon, I’d skip. Not worth the hoppers. Most of the rides there have high height requirements. I think it’s nicely themed but in your situation I’d skip. I’m in a minority but it’s not my favorite park.

This would be a tough decision! AK is a can’t miss for me but I don’t think you will miss It if you skip it. You have the animals, feel, and the food at AKL.

That said, I would lean toward hoppers (which I usually don’t) purely for flexibility. I feel like 4 days or less is when hoppers can really work in your favor.

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AK is so much more than the rides and even just walking around is fun. There is so much to see. Since you are staying at AKL you obviously love the theme of AK and you would be so close to it! I think you should go. Is there a MK party or after hours when you are there? You could compare if it is less than hoppers would be.
AK is best seen walking around relaxed and just taking in the views and looking for what is happening in the moment. They have street performers, animals and shows. It also has great food. At night pandora comes to life in a whole new way. The bugs life show is fun for all ages too.

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I was 100% with you until this last sentence!!!


I think that if you’re ok with the hoppers cost you should do it. AK is unique. It’s not like you can go to Busch Gardens or Six Flags etc. and see something like it. My kids loved the Boneyard and the little kiddie rides in the Dino area when they were the age of your kids. In fact a month ago they were mad at me that we didn’t spend more time there and now their ages range from 8 to 13. And now that they have nighttime stuff at AK it is really beautiful at night. I recommend the Tree of Life awakenings and Navi River Journey.

Reading what others wrote these are great: safari ride, lion king show, bug show. Kids the ages of yours woudl enjoy all of these things. I also recommend Tusker House for a character meal with Mickey and friends with more interesting food than you’re going to get at many of the other restaurants with the same characters.

Lol I can see how some people wouldn’t like it but I think it was cool.

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I personally really enjoy AK. The Nemo show and the Lion King can’t be missed. However I hate park hopping. The cost isn’t worth it to me. You also waste so much time moving from one park to another. That being said, my kiddos are go, go go and always have been. We go in off season so the park hours are shorter so no need for a mid-afternoon break.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I would do AK over EP right now.

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I can’t skip TestTrack. It is a must for my boys. If it was a solo trip I’d skip the second MK day in favour of AK. I’d like to see all four parks, but it will have to wait until a longer trip. I wanted to do a DAH at AK during our trip with just my husband while my parents watched the kids for a few hours, but none of our dates lined up.